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A great cleaning for the wiki, but I will need everyone's help.

Hi guys, it's me Bendybao, a administrator of The InBESTigators Wiki. Currently, we aren't having so much edits because of the lack of users to the Wiki and of our personal lives. But this does not matter, i created a big plan to the wiki that will have great changes to it: The InBESTigators Wiki Cleanup Project. At this blog, you guys will see the motive and what changes this project will bring to the Wiki.


I decided to create this project as a way to also establish new rules to our Manual of Style, which was announced in a discussion in November of this year, because there are some errors on the pages, like the spacing in the source code editor, the addition of the section of References on the pages unnecessarily, etc.

I learned all of this in the Among Us Wiki. If you don't know, i'm one of the Among Us Wiki's administrators and, during my absence, i was working more on it and some users criticized some changes that i brought up my wiki, but i decided to learn with them to be a good administrator for both wikis, including this one, but i will need everyone's help to make this project sucessful.

Cleaning.png Plans Cleaning.png

Here's a list of plans for this project that will bring big changes to this wiki:

  • Create categories for wiki announcements, templates, etc. 
  • Remove the References section of articles without citations. 
  • Update Manual of Style and Wiki rules.
  • Create a
"Okay, now that we've lost our intern, who's going to look for Ezra's dad's receipt? Because i'm not doing that again."
This article requires cleanup to follow the guidelines of the Wiki's Manual of Style.

Reason: TBD

template, which will be added to articles that aren't folllowing the Manual of Style's guidelines.
  • Correct bad spacing.
  • Determine block durations in relation to the severity of the rule break.
  • Planning discussion mod selections.

The project is likely to be completed between the end of this year and the first months of 2021, as we have many pages to fix and will not be easy to do this alone. If you're reading this blog post, participate in this initiative by editing the articles and correcting any errors found. If you want to know more, check out my sandbox