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Toby is a recurring character in The InBESTigators, portrayed by Monty Henderson. He is in grade 5 at Middle Primary. He's the star bowler on the Middle Primary School Year 5 Boys Cricket Team.



Season 1

Season 2




Diet is Toby's best friend. During "The Case of the Problematic Party", Toby was afraid to tell Diet that he had not invited him to his birthday party (that he could invite only 5 friends because the laser tag is too expensive), not to hurt him, however, Diet knew when he found Kyle's invitation, which he had lost while he was fighting karate with James. So Diet copied the invitation and distributed it to everyone secretly, but Diet didn't realize what it did to Toby.

When Toby went to the infirmary pretending to be sick, Diet decided to go too, but he was afraid he would find out, so during the break, Diet was very welcoming to him and played with them a lot, but after the inbestigators found out, Toby he felt bad when he saw that his friend was upset because he was not one of the 5 guests to his party and made excuses. Although his parents were very angry, they felt guilty about the situation and decided to invite Diet as well.

Amelia Fitzgerald

As revealed in "The Case of the Fishy Fundraiser", Toby is Amelia's neighbor, besides he is also her roommate, and she was very kind to him in asking him to buy a cupcake, but she started to get shocked to see that Toby was going to set up a lemonade stand. She felt envious to see that Toby's lemonade stand was becoming more and more popular than hers and tried to get rid of him all day, and when his tent was sabotaged, Amelia took advantage of it to win more customers and felt satisfied with that, which made her suspicious of the sabotage. However, even though it wasn't her fault, Ava made her apologize to Toby for being mean and he accepted them, and then the two gathered the money raised by the two tents.



  • He has a Scottish accent.
  • On the first season, most of his appearances is when he is mentioned or has cameo or non-speaking appearances in the episodes.