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This is The InBESTigators Wiki's rules, which contains several guidelines whose goal is to put limits at our users to make the Wiki a welcoming, respectful and safe place while the users edits and interacts beetween each other.

All users, before editing, must read and follow these guidelines, no matter the circunstances. Any user showing a unnaceptable conduct (Ex: Showing a innapropriate behavior, vandalizing, etc) will receive a warning and if they persist, they will be blocked, which can be for a certain amount of time or indefinitely, depending on the severity of the situation and their violation historic.

If you see someone breaking our rules, don't be silent! Report them immediatally to a administrator on their message wall, where they will apply the proper punishment. We will possibly add more rules in the future, so if you want to suggest a rule or a change to the existing ones, do so here.

  • You must need to be logged in to edit or create an article. Also, people under the age of 13 will not be allowed, according to Fandom's Terms of Use.
    • If you discover that a user is underage, report to a admin with evidence.
    • Underage users will be blocked, which will expire when they reach the right age.
  • If your username or avatar has sexual or offensive expressions, you'll be blocked until you change them.
    • Also, accounts with usernames pretending to be The InBESTigators crew members or other users will not be tolerated.
  • It is not allowed to create alternate accounts, method known as sockpuppetry, which is commonly used to create deception, block evasion, etc.
  • Do not create a bot account without solicting Wiki staff.

  • Show respect with other people, do not bully, threaten, curse, insult or disrespect other people's opinions.
  • Always respect the staff warnings if you are breaking the rules.
    • You are not allowed to delete it. Doing that will result in another warning.
  • Do not discuss discriminative content, that is, content that involves race, sex, gender, violence, politics, or that encourages criminal conduct.
  • No spamming, that is, posting content in a repetitive/annoying form.
  • Profanity is not allowed, as this wiki is about a series for kids and its characters do not speak these type of language.
    • However, minor words such as damn, hell and bastard are allowed only if it will not be used frequently or directionally to other user.
    • Abbreviations, symbols and censoring from the forbidden words are also not allowed.
  • Blaming other users for your actions is not allowed, as this represents immaturity and irresponsibility on your part.
  • Never publicly demonstrate a hate speech towards any user, so keep that fact private to yourself.
  • Never discuss your issues from other Wikis in this Wiki, as we are not related with.

  • Advertisement is not allowed. This includes YouTube channels, Discord servers, etc.
    • However, you are allowed to advertise in your profile.
  • Do not discuss or share leaked content at this Wiki.
    • Leaked content is any content released unitentionally or without the approval of the creators.
  • Do not support or encourage rule breaks.

For more information about how the articles should be edited and formatted, check the Manual of Style.
  • When editing, add truthful information that is always linked to the character (or episode, item, group, event, among other things) from the series.
  • Use American English while writing an article (like use center instead of centre).
  • No false information about the articles, as this has no connection with the series, and if you disrespect it, you'll have to be blocked.
  • Do not write fan fiction facts on the pages, as this has not yet been confirmed and is considered false information.
  • Always have true references about what you are going to write. For example, check these sites:
  • Do not vandalize the pages, that is, making malicious/annoying edits which consists of replacing content that prejudicates the quality of the respective page.
    • However, new people that are making random edits is not considered vandalism.
  • "Farming" edits is not allowed, that is, editing an article which does not aim to improve a page, but to earn badges or increase your number of edits.
  • Do not create unecessary templates or use some of them to troll pages.

  • The images must be linked to elements of the series, such as promotional images, episode scenes, among others.
  • Avoid posting fanarts, that is, images created by fans and because of that, they cannot be in any article. However, they can be used in comments, discussions, user profiles and blog posts.
  • Always put a acessible name to the file and a license. For more information, check Help:Copyright.
  • Do not upload low quality images.
  • Do not send an NSFW classification image (acronym for Not Safe for Work), which refers to content with a high level of sexuality, violence, pornography, etc., and which is inappropriate for the public young. This type of image is prohibited in all parts of the wiki (articles, comments, discussions, profiles and blog posts).
  • It is not allowed to post videos of NSFW content, as well as images, for the same reasons.
  • Do not share any illegal/malicious links to the Wiki, like from websites with viruses and from webites that offers full episodes of the series for free.
  • Also, do not create a page/blog post/discussion post to divulgate your YouTube channel, your Discord server, etc. We only allow it on your user profile.

This wiki focus to tell everything about The InBESTigators. However, it might be risky to some users to read the articles if they didn't watched the series, since here has a large amount of spoilers, although sometimes its their decision to read or not, no matter the risks.
  • So, do not share any spoilers to anyone in blog posts, messages, discussions, and article comments, unless is during a case of false information.
    • You must remember that anything posted here can be seen by anyone visiting this wiki.
    • You can also send spoilers in the #spoiler-room channel of our Discord server.
  • It is also recommended to put the {{Spoilers}} template above character and episode articles.

All the rules discussed previously also apply to interacting resources.
  • All the comments must follow all the previous rules. They cannot be spamming, annoying, or used as a way to insult a person.
    • Comments like "first comment" is spam.
  • Fanarts, theories and other unnaceptable content are allowed to be in article comments, except NSFW content, which are forbidden.
  • Advertisement is still not allowed.
  • Good use for blogs are to write stories and theories about the series.
  • The blog posts, in general, are only allowed to put in the Blog posts category, but if is about a official announcement of the Wiki, put the Wiki Announcements category.
  • Its not allowed to write blogs posts as a form of advertising (like announcing your YouTube channel, you FANDOM Wiki, etc).
  • If you are writing blogs and adding comments on it to win Achievements, you'll be definely banned.
  • Discussion posts are not allowed if it:
    • Promotes Advertising.
    • Solicites for likes.
    • Discuss innapropriate content.
    • Discuss about drama and its used to insult a person.
  • Do not make spamming threads/comments.
  • Also, if you created a new account as a replacement to your older account that was blocked, its posts will be deleted and your new account will be banned.
  • Fanart and thoeries/stories are also allowed, but is not allowed to be low effort.
  • You can also use Discussion posts to elaborate a impeachment of a staff members that is being harmful or disruptive, but please solicite a bureaucrat/administrator.
  • You are not allowed to use your profile to harass or to spread false things about a user behind their backs.
  • Your profile will possibly be marked for deletion if it was taken from another user of this Wiki or from another one.
  • You can write at any form you want, but its not allowed to use profanity.
    • Only minor words such as hell, damn and bastard are allowed.
  • You are allowed to promote advertisiment on your profile (like from your YouTube channel, your Discord server, your Wiki, etc).
    • However, you are not allowed to promote any illegal/malicious link to the Wiki, as it represents piracy, which is extremely prohibited here.
  • Do not edit a profile from another user without its approvation, unless it is to solve vandalism or to remove something that is against our rules.
  • The message walls are very useful to communicate with other users, like for advise or interact.
  • All messages must follow the previous rules.
  • If you want to advise a person that is breaking the rules to stop, don't send a message with profanity or violent words. Do this is a kind and educated form, but if the user didn't stopped, contact an administrator.
  • At your message wall greeting, you don't need to express yourself, and yes, welcoming the other users to their message wall.
    • However, you can use tables or another images, but it cannot have so much content.
  • You are not allowed to edit another users' message wall greeting without their permission.

If you want to know how to become staff, check staff requiriments, as we are currently appyling staff application.
  • An administrator should never demonstrate power abuse, which is defined as:
    • Abuse the power of your position to humiliate or disrespect other users.
    • Block or remove posts from other users unnecessarily, and may be for personal reasons, such as revenge.
    • Ignore the duties of your position.
    • Break any Wiki rules.


  • Every member of staff has a specific color scheme for their link|avatar image:
    • Leaders/Bureaucrats has red (#C23443) links/borders.
    • Detectives/Admins has grey (#8b7676) links/borders.
    • Observers/Content Mods has blue (#278181) links/borders.
  • All staff members must have these colors on their links. Personal colors or fonts are not allowed.


  • Mini-Modding is the term that defines users without staff rights sending warnings to rule breakers or Wiki announcements.
  • Only Wiki staff is allowed to give warnings and announcements.
    • However, friendly tips are totally okay.


When expressing yourself in the community, never reveal any personal information about yourself, such as:

  • Name of your school.
  • Email address.
  • Passwords.
  • Credit cards.
  • Your house address.

Also, do not ask any of these questions to other users:

  • What's your full name?
  • Where do you live?
  • What's your password/email?
  • What is the name of your school?

Remember: When you post these things on the internet, they can be easily viewed by thousands of people, and you risk being tracked or your account being hacked / accessed by someone else, and can be used to break community rules. Unfortunately, you will have to face the block, as you are responsible for your account and we are not sure if it was actually hacked.

  • An administrator has the direct of block any user with a unnaceptable conduct.
  • These are the common punishment stages, although in some cases, staff will not follow this respective list:
  1. Warning
  2. 1 month block
  3. 3 month block
  4. 6 month block
  5. 1 year block
  6. Permanent block