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This is The InBESTigators Wiki's Manual of Style, which presents guidelines about how the pages should be edited and formatted and how the resources from this wiki must be used.



  • It is recommended to use American English while writing an article.
    • But, if you are from another country that doesn't speak English, you can use Google Translate, but remember to correct the translated text because it has some errors.


  • Do not use profanity or slangs on your texts.
  • Always use correct capitalization and pontuation. Examples:
  • All texts need to be in third person, including plots, trivia, etc.


  • The class' name is known as Grade not Class or Year.
  • The main characters' Grade 5 is not known as Grade 5A and yes as Grade 5T.



Remember: Fanarts and Fan-fiction are things that do not belong to the creators of the series and, because of that, never should be present in the articles.

Official Information

Official Informations about the series can be found at these respective sites:



  • Italic: The Italic styling needs to be used while refering to a TV show, a film or a book (only real life books).
  • Bold: The Bold styling always needs to be used on the article introduction.

If its refering to a episode, put two asterisks: one before and other after the episode title. Ex:

  • Bad: The Case of the Curious New Girl
  • Good: "The Case of the Curious New Girl"


  • Episode Plot: When writing plot, we recommend you put a image on the respective sequence: left-right, on the paragraph side. It must be a scene the paragraph exposes. (ATTENTION: Don't write captions on plot images)
  • Character History: You must do the same thing as the Plot on the Character's History section, but is allowed to write captions.


{{Infobox|title1=Example|caption1=Example}}'''Introduction''' text.
== Heading ==
=== Sub-Heading ===
'''Introduction''' text.

== Heading ==
=== Sub-Heading ===


Slideshow Gallery

Please use a slideshow gallery under the "Blooper Reels" section of the episode pages, with photos showing the blooper reels of the episode.

Video Gallery

When creating a video gallery, always put like the example below:

<gallery position="center">
The InBESTigators - Creators Reading Fan Mail πŸ’Œ 1
The InBESTigators - Creators Reading Fan Mail πŸ’Œ 2
The InBESTigators - Creators Reading Fan Mail πŸ’Œ 3


References are websites that can be inserted into the texts to the persons know where the information comes from.

Acceptable References

  • Related websites of the series, like:
  • Official videos from ACTF/ABC ME/Gristmill YouTube channels.
  • News websites that writes official news about TV series, films, etc, but they need to be related with the series.
  • Emprises related to the series' events.

Unnaceptable References

  • Theory/unrelated videos.
  • Fake news websites.
  • Fan opinion.


NOTE: These pre models are source mode examples.

Without Author:

<ref>[ Record number of OzKidsTV Nominations for 2020 Japan Prize]. ''ACTF''. (October 14, 2020)</ref>

With Author:

<ref>McManus, Bridget (November 9, 2019) [ FTA lead preview M Magazine November 10]. ''The Sydney Morning Herald''.</ref>

NOTE: The "McManus, Bridget" represents the "Surname, First Name" order of the author' name at the reference.


  • Only use the References section above a Navbox if the respective article has a citation.

Summary Sections

The Summary Sections are sections that contains data about the character (or episode) of the series in a written form.

For Character (Or Pet) Articles


The Personality section is where information about the character's behavior in the series is exposed. ATTENTION: This section only appears in character articles.


The Appearance section is where information about the character's appearance (skin color, hair color, eye color, outfits, etc) is exposed. However, it is divided into three sections:

  • School: Here, you put information about the character's school outfits.
  • Casual: Here, you put information about the character's casual outfits, that is, outside school.
  • Other Outfits: Here, you put information about the character's outfits during a birthday party or during a event.

The reason for this division is because the series has scenes where the characters are inside or outside the school, and because of that, it should be divided. But be warned: the character may also be wearing the school uniform outside of school and therefore, it should be addressed in the School section instead of the Casual section, as the latter deals with the house clothes that the character wears.


The History section is where the character (or pet)'s biography in the series. However, it must be divided in three sub-sections:

  • Background: It is where the facts of the character's history before the series events are exposed.
  • Season 1: It is where the facts of the character's history during the first season are exposed.
  • Season 2: It is where the facts of the character's history during the second season are exposed.

Also, follow these guidelines:

  • Only put the last sections if the character appeared in one of those seasons.
    • If the character appeared in the first season, put the Season 1 sub-section.
    • If the character appeared in the second season, put the Season 2 sub-section.
  • While writing the Season 1 and Season 2 sections, put a Sub-Heading 2 section with the name of the episode that the character appears. Check the example below:
== History ==
=== Season 1 ===
==== Episode Name ==== 

For Episode Articles


The Synopsis section is where the official synopsis of the episode is placed, that is, a short summary of the events of the episode. You can get from these respective sites:


The Plot section is where a complete summary of the episode should be exposed, but for that, you must watch the episode first to know all the episode data, where you can watch on these sites:

However, you must follow these guidelines:

  • The plot must be written entirely in third person.
  • Plots that are too short or that have been taken from sites like Wikipedia or IMDb will not be accepted.

Bullet Sections


The trivia is a section where curiosities about a certain character, place, item, event, group or even things that are revealed in an episode are exposed. However, the only things that are not accepted as trivia are:

  • Theories.
  • Fan-fiction.
  • Things that are too much obivous about the character (or episode).

Cultural References

The Cultural References sub-section contains curiosities that refer to facts of pop culture, such as films, characters from other media, TV series, etc.


The Continuity sub-section contains facts that references other episodes of the series, like mentioning an episode event or returning elements such as locations, items, etc.

Remember: These two sub-sections (Cultural References and Continuity) only appear in episode articles.

Blooper Reels


Blooper Reel - Goof Tapes - The Inbestigators

Use this video here to find out the series' blooper reels.

The Blooper Reels section serves to appoint the episode's blooper reels while filming. To find out how, watch the video on the side.


Templates prevent the person from having to repeat the same content over and over again in the same article, or even in others. To put a template, put like the example: {{Template Name}}. However, everyone should know how they are used:

Article management templates

  • Expansion: The Expansion template is used in articles that lack information or are still under construction.
  • Deletion: The Deletion template is used to mark articles as candidates for deletion if they are useless to the article.
  • Future: The Future template is used to mark articles as upcoming projects for The InBESTigators.
  • Spoilers: The Spoilers template is only used at episodes and characters articles, servind to advise these articles contains spoilers about the series.

Ban templates

The Ban templates are used in profiles from users who were banned for breaking Wiki rules.

  • BanCandidate: The BanCandidate template is used to mark users as candidates to be banned from our Wiki and the reasons.
  • BulliedBan: The BulliedBan template is used at the profiles that belongs to users who were banned for showing non-civilized behavior/harassment.
  • FakeBan: The FakeBan template is used at the profiles that belongs to users who were banned for insrerting false information at the articles.
  • VandalizeBan: The VandalizeBan template is used at the profiles that belongs to users who were banned for vandalism, that is, removing and adding content to pages in a malicious and annoying way.
  • SpamBan: The SpamBan template is used at the profiles that belongs to users who were banned for spammng, that is, adding repeated messages/comments to users.

License templates

The License templates are used in the file's descriptions to indicate their Copyright license. For more information, check Help:Copyright.

  • Fairuse: It is used to indicate that the respective file is used under USA's copyright law.
  • Self: It is used to indicate that the respective file was created by its uploader.
  • Other free: It is used to indicate that the respective file is under a free license.
  • Permission: It is used to indicate that the respective file's use was permitted by its author/photographer.
  • PD: It is used to indicate that the respective file belongs to the public domain.
  • CC-BY-SA: It is used to indicate that the respective file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.
  • From Wikimedia: It is used to indicate that the respective file was originally uploaded on Wikipedia or another Wikimedia site.

Appearance templates

The Appearance templates are used to indicate the episodes the character appeared in each season:

  • AppearanceS1: You put this template to indicate which episodes the character appeared during the series' first season.
  • AppearanceS2: You put this template to indicate which episodes the character appeared during the series' second season.


Infoboxes are templates that are used in the article introduction, containing general information about it, which is important for all pages.


Navboxes are templates put in the articles on its end to navigate into other related pages.

Page Structure

Before Lead

  • Tab template (TabCharacter for characters; TabEpisode for episodes)
  • Notice templates (for characters and episodes, use the Spoilers template)
  • Hat notes (like the Youmay template)
  • Quotes (if needful)
  • Infoboxes


  • Introduction
  • Sections (See the Section Orders section)

Bottom Section

  • Navboxes

Page Organization

== Personality ==
== Appearance ==
=== School ===
=== Casual ===
=== Others ===
== History ==
=== [[Season 1]] ===
=== [[Season 2]] ===
== Relationships ==
=== Family ===
=== Friends ===
=== Others ===
== Appearances ==
== Trivia ==
== References ==

== Synopsis ==
== Plot ==
== Cast & Characters ==
=== Features ===
=== Locations ===
=== Events ===
=== Items ===
=== Groups ===
=== Report Details ===
==== Characters ====
== Crime Details ==
=== Victim ===
=== Suspects ===
=== Culprits ===
== Trivia ==
=== Cultural References ===
=== Continuity ===
== Blooper Reels ==
== References ==

== Appearance ==
== Usage ==
== Appearances ==
== Trivia ==
== References ==

== Overview ==
== Members ==
== Related Media ==
== Trivia ==
== References ==

== Staff ==
== Students ==
== Costumers ==
== Areas ==
== Events ==
== Appearances ==
== Trivia ==
== References ==

== Description ==
== Performers == 
== Rounds ==
== Trivia ==
== References ==

== Biography ==
== Filmography ==
=== TV ===
=== Films ===
=== Teathre ===
== Trivia ==
== References ==

== Biography ==
== Work in ''[[The InBESTigators]]'' ==
=== Director ===
==== [[Season 1]] ====
==== [[Season 2]] ====
=== Writer ===
==== [[Season 1]] ====
==== [[Season 2]] ====
== Filmography ==
=== TV ===
=== Films ===
=== Teathre ===
== Trivia ==
== References ==

Page Example

<tabview> The InBESTigators Wiki:Character Example|Character The InBESTigators Wiki:Episode Example|Episode The InBESTigators Wiki:Location Example|Location </tabview>