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Here at The InBESTigators Wiki, you need to make sure your files follow these guidelines.


We only accept promotional images, screenshots, and concept arts of The InBESTigators released by the creators and their affiliated emprises (like Gristmill). Pictures of crew members are also allowed. Examples:

Promotional Images

Promotional Images are directly retired from ACTF, ABC iview, among other official sites. Examples:


Screenshots are most recommended to be uploaded in PNG format, and can be taken both from ABC iview or Netflix.

Crew Photos


Fanart is any media created by fans that are related to The InBESTigators, but they are not allowed to be in articles, because they are not official media created by Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope.

However, fanarts are allowed to be in your user profile, in blog/discussion posts, and article comments, and they must be The InBESTigators related.


Videos must be The InBESTigators episode clips, trailers, and behind the scenes videos retired from the ACTF, Gristmill and ABC ME YouTube channels. Here are the examples of allowed videos below:


Audios must be, as recommended, from the songs of The InBESTigators, as they:

  • Cannot be recorded directly, because of background noise, which makes it having low quality.
  • Must be uploaded in the OGG format.


Before uploading a file, you must put a template under a license, which can be found by clicking here. These are the most common licenses at this wiki:

  • Fair use: Promotional images, screenshots of the series, concept arts and crew members are counted as "fair use". To mark a file as fair use, use the {{Fairuse}} template.
  • Self-Provided file: Its basically any media created by its uploader on this wiki. Screenshots of the wiki, fanarts, etc, will be counted as self-provided files.
  • Free license: Its any media used without use restriction.
  • Public Domain: Its also any media without use restriction.
  • From Wikimedia: Its any media that was originally uploaded on Wikipedia or another Wikimedia related site.
  • Use with Permission: Is any media which use was approved by its photographer or author.
  • CC-BY-SA: Is any media used under the Creative Commons Share-Alike License.