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For those who don't know, we, The InBESTigators Wiki, have a Discord server, called The Detectives Reunion. There you can talk together about what you think of the series. We are still developing, but with your support we can go far.

But that does not mean that we have rules and positions for each one, because a server must have organization. So, see how everything on the server works.

How to Enter?

  • If you have a Discord account, you must need to click in our invite link on the Discord rail module.
    • If not, you must need to create one.


Each member has a specific position, and below you will see the role of each member.

Role Given
Leaders Bureaucrats
The leaders are the server administrators, who will monitor people's actions, that is, if one of them catches someone disrespecting someone, they will have to decide their punishment, and they are allowed to configure the server.
Detectives Normal Members The detectives are the rest of the group. They can interact with each other, but they are always watched to see if they are breaking one of the rules.
Interns The interns are the new members of the group, and will be approved as detectives as soon as they are more active on the server.


Still in Development
Channel Description
About Us
#rules Before chat, you need to check our rules. Even that we're in development, it doesn't mean that we are serious. We're always serious.
#news Here you can check out the latest news of The Inbestigators.
Main Chats
#discuss Let's chat about what you are thinking.
#spoiler-room Here you can tell any spoiler of the series, but that's for your own risk.
#bots Here you can use commands and play with our bots. (Still in Development)
#evidence-files Here you can send your files.
Voice Calls
#walkie-talkies Use our only call channel to chat with other people.
Ezra's chat💻💻
#free-chat This is the free chat about Ezra Banks.🖱🖱
#notebook-ezra Send Ezra Banks character photos freely.
Maudie's chat🏸🏸
#free-chat Here you can put everything that you think about the character Maudie Miller.
#notebook-maudie Here you can add to the notebook some photos of Maudie Miller.
Ava's chat🧁🧁
#free-chat Put your opinions about the character Ava Andrikides.
#notebook-ava Add to the notebook some photos of Ava Andrikides.
Kyle's chat🏀🏀
#sports-reunion We need reunion to win the championships. Kidding, here you can chat anything about Kyle, but you will not send files here.
#notebook-kyle We want videos and photos to be recruited for the biggest football teams in the world.⚽⚽Just kidding again, it's just pictures of Kyle to collect in the notebook.
Clues 🏸🏸
#interview "We'll tell you after we hunt down the clue" - Maudie. You can access this channel to report someone who is breaking the rules of the server.


NOTE: Still in development.

Name Description


  • We also have rules in this wiki, so you need to follow them:
    • No cursing, aggression or bullying on this server.
    • No spam.
    • No fight, because we're all friends, so, show respect for everyone.
    • No files or videos in other channels, you will only sent on this respective channels: #evidence-files #about-ezra #about-maudie, #about-kyle and #about-ava.
    • Don't send links from YouTube or other site in the channels from the server.
    • No complaining about your position or mentioning @everyone, @here and someone else in the chats.
    • If you are in a voice chat, do not put on loud music or even shout loudly, as this is ugly for the rest of the community.
    • We will delete any messages considered unnecessary or which breaks the server rules.
    • Do not send flood, that is, send too many messages in chats.
    • If someone is disobeying the rules of our server, they will be temporarily blocked and if they continue this way, they will be banned.
  • Thus, we can keep order in the served and you can have fun normally. If you catch someone breaking the rules, send chat #interview.