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This is The InBESTigators Wiki, a collaborative FANDOM TV community whose goal is to become te largest information source of The InBESTigators, a Australian children's mockumentary comedy drama TV series created by Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope, which tells about four Grade 5 kids (Maudie Miller, Ezra Banks, Ava Andrikides, and Kyle Klimson) that forms together a Detective agency which goal is to solve every crime in school or neighbourhood, while they relate their adventures in a blog.

Before editing, make sure to read our rules and follow them. Failure to do that will result in a block. If you're doubt, contact our staff in their message wall.

This Wiki is considered unofficial, as its users (including staff) are not affiliated with Gristmill, Australian Children's Television Foundation, and its other partners in any way. All content is used in a way that qualifies it as fair use unless otherwise noted.