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"Seriously Maudie? The mad professor is obviously a boy, had you even seen the movie?"
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Pranking us was annoying, pranking the Principal was next level naughty.


"The Case of the Unhappy Camper" is the 19th episode of the second season of The InBESTigators, and the 39th overall.


When Mr McGillick's phone goes missing at the Grade Five camp, Kyle is accused of hiding it as part of a prank.


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The episode begins with Ezra starting yet another special edition case report from Inbestigators, where Maudie leans against Ezra to be able to appear in the video, and Ava leans over to be able to appear, pressing Ezra. Everyone is excited about the case, including Ava, who is very excited that she even interrupts Ezra, where they are reporting the case at the annual Grade 5 Camp and that there will be their show, but Ezra interrupts saying that they should focus on telling. the case occurred on the first day of the camp and he decides to name who is in his room group, which ends up interrupted by Ava once again, since she is very excited to report the case.

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Ezra reveals that who is in his group is Kyle, Archie, Justin, Diet and James, who when they get to the room (which has six bunk beds), run out, very excited, and Ezra and Kyle fight for the bed from above, where Kyle hits and Ezra accidentally throws his sleeping bag out the window. Kyle starts calling himself the leader of the group and dictates the rules which makes Ezra very angry, since he was picking up his sleeping bag, and then Kyle asks who voted for Ezra, and nobody raises his hand, where he begins to see that Kyle started to be very annoying, especially with his rules, like banning girls, where Maudie and Ava refuse to leave the room to give them their list of activities, and he forbids the list of tasks and someone sleeping, where everyone noticed that Kyle started acting like a silly boy, but he starts to suck at Archie by putting the no-vomiting rule, since he vomited during a pajama party at his house. At the same time, he took Ezra's books as the sixth rule, since Miss Tan said she couldn't bring cell phones, tablets or books. Then, in a flashback, before the camp, Miss Tan says that they shouldn't take cell phones or tablets, but they could take books, where Kyle had confused.

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Ezra, after putting his sleeping bag on his bed, which is below Kyle's, notes that Kyle tries to throw his books out the window, and everyone tells him to stop, and he says that camping is making pranks and jokes, as shown in movies or camping series he saw, where Ezra, Maudie and Ava realize that he confused a little bit about what camping is. Ava then tells Kyle to apologize to Ezra for picking up the books and for being mean to Archie in regards to his fear of being ill while he sleeps outside. Kyle excuses everyone, but even so, Ava allows him to be able to make pranks, but with lots of activities at the camp, he wouldn't have enough time, but in fact, they ended up realizing that they were completely wrong, one Kyle had a lot of time to making pranks, like screaming like a heron in front of everyone, making ketchup fall on Diet's sausage, and also putting a rubber snake during the tug of war between fifth graders and Mr. McGillick, Miss Tan and Mrs Parides, where it wasn't just that while they were preparing dinner.

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While they are preparing dinner, Ava is bitten by Kyle, and Kyle leaves under the table behind them, and Ava is angry that he is not helping with anything, and Archie orders her to make napkins in the normal shape instead of the swan shape. , which takes a long time to finish, but she considers that something very sad and boring. Archie decides to pick up James and Justin, who are out there playing instead of helping with chores, and Ava is very angry to see that no one is concentrating on her duties. Mr McGillick starts asking from his cell phone, which he had left on the teachers' table, where he notes that Kyle was laughing with a pot behind his back, which leaves everyone confused by the fact that he has to cut bread instead of make the bread, noting that it confused. During dinner, Mr McGillick calls Kyle, telling him to go to the kitchen, and when he goes there, Mr McGillick accuses him of hiding his cell phone in the rice pot, and for Ezra, Maudie and Ava to go there to see what when it comes, they are shocked by it, and he tries to deny it, but Mr McGillick, as a punishment, orders him to go to dinner at the teachers' table, seeing that a prank with the principal was a high level of madness.

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During dinner, Mr McGillick decides to turn on his cell phone to check the weather forecast, however, the same note that does not, and accuses Kyle for it, where everyone starts to think that he got too heavy this time. Kyle denies doing this, saying he would do another prank, but he doesn't accept it and decides to ban him from the show, which makes Ava very angry to hear this and the same argues with the director, but Mr McGillick sends her to dinner because the curry will be cold if she doesn't eat it soon. Ezra also says that he didn't think about food, but in fact it was a lie, because he was eating a lot while Ava argues considering the trick that Kyle did a silly thing to do, but Maudie says that, despite being silly, it is not the thing for Kyle to do that, since all the other pranks were to scare people and make them laugh, and it shows that everyone is laughing because the teachers' asses are completely soiled with flour, where they see that everyone is laughing, concluding that Kyle would not hide the director's cell phone in a pot of rice, as he would be disrespectful to people, and Ezra and Ava finally realize why Kyle had the pot of flour at that time.

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After finally understanding this, Ezra starts to signal that he was choking and Ava slaps him on the back, but he reveals that he is not choking, but that during Mr Barker's ICT Club, they had a lesson on how to fix the phone when it ends up getting wet it accidentally, and then when wetting your own cell phone, put it in the rice pot, believing that the rice will absorb the water from your cell phone, and it worked. Ava decides to conclude that Kyle dropped the director's cell phone in the water and put it in the rice pot to fix it, but Ezra remembers that Kyle is not at Mr Barker's ICT Club, making them more sure that the Kyle hadn't done that, and they started feeling sorry for him having to stay at the teachers' table. Then, they begin to reproduce the crime events, where Kyle was under the teachers' table, representing salt, Ava and Archie, like ketchup and mustard, folding napkins, Ezra and Maudie, like glasses, they were in the kitchen, Caitlin, like the pink cup, was hitting the tables, Mr McGillick, like the pea, left his cell phone on the teachers' table, and James and Justin, like the teaspoons, were outside playing, and Archie, like the mustard, went to get them, but they didn't vote and Ava, representing the ketchup, went after them.

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In a flashback, Ava sends James and Justin to help with dinner, where they were playing, and Archie, who was at the sink washing his hands, ends up being scared by her, and they promise to come back. Ava remembers that dinner is over and it's time to clear the tables, but Maudie concludes who did and decides to send everyone over to talk to Kyle. Kyle is curious, and Maudie says it was Archie, however, Ava disagrees, since she didn't see him with his cell phone, that was because he dropped it in the sink full of water when he was startled by her. Ezra finally realizes that Archie is also at Mr. Barker's ICT Club, and he knew that rice would fix the phone, and then, while helping Ava make the curries, he put the phone in the rice pot. Kyle gets very angry when he realizes this, and then decides to go talk to him, but they realize that he is washing the dishes together with Mr. McGillick, and Kyle decides not to snitch and screw his friend, mainly because the reason made Kyle also take a little guilt, especially because at the beginning of the camp, he was very mean to Archie regarding his fear of being sick when he sleeps outside his home, and because of that, Archie took Mr. McGillick's cell phone to call his mum, where Kyle felt bad and decided to admit it was him, but it wasn't necessary.

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Mr. McGillick calls Kyle and says that someone else said he took hisphone and apologizes for accusing him, with the same vow that it wasn't him, and Kyle thanks Archie, but he ends up referring to someone else who admitted the crime, where Archie had spoken the whole truth. Kyle apologizes to Archie, but refers to someone else, for being mean and making him afraid of being sick, and he accepts it. After that, Ezra put Mr McGillick's cell phone in the rice pot and fixed it, leaving him completely grateful and letting them use his cell phone to record the case report, including Miss Tan's, and Kyle was recruited back to the show as the host, where he interrupts, saying that he is going to be a ghost, and he appears dressed as a ghost, but Ava denies that, saying that he is the host, and the same denies, saying that he broke the sheet, and Ezra finally realizes that it was with the sheet on his bed. After Kyle takes off the costume, Mr. McGillick wonders about Kyle, as they need the host to start the show, where he was certain that Mr. McGillick said he must be a ghost, and the episode ends.

Cast & Characters

Actor Character
Abby Bergman Ava Andrikides
Anna Cooke Maudie Miller
Aston Droomer Ezra Banks
Jamil Smyth-Secka Kyle Kilmson
Jack Goodsell Archie
Ethan Pham Diet
Maria Angelico Miss Tan
Zac Mineo James
Bailey McMillan-Power Justin
Matilda Hardwick Caitlin
Maddy Jevic Mrs Parides
James Saunders Mr. McGillick
Clarke Richards Mr. Barker





  • The InBESTigators
    • Maudie Miller
    • Ezra Banks
    • Ava Andrikides
    • Kyle Klimson

Report Details


  • Maudie Miller
  • Ezra Banks
  • Ava Andrikides
  • Kyle Klimson

Crime Details


kyle he was framed for putting the phone in the the flour


kyle he was framed for putting the phone in the flour
mr mcgillick he stupid left the phone there


archie he dropped the phone in the sink after Ava Andrikides gave him a fright he then put the phone in the rice to dry it



  • This is the third time a case report doesn't take place at the office.

Cultural References

  • The campsite is similar to the camp attended by the year 8s in First Day.