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"Seriously Maudie? The mad professor is obviously a boy, had you even seen the movie?"
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"The Case of the Spoiled Sports Day" is the eighth episode of The InBESTigators.


At the sports carnival, Kyle loses his temper when he doesn't win a race, but Maudie suspects there might be more to Kyle's unexpected loss.


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Ezra starts recording a new case report from the Inbestigators, saying that the victim of this case is a member of the agency, but is interrupted by his younger sister, Poppy Banks, who asks him to help her make her citizenship poster, for example. he tells of his mother being at a business meeting, and he promises to help, considering that she doesn't interrupt him. It all started during Sports Carnival, Kyle's favorite annual event, as it contains sports all day long. Ezra recounts Kyle's progress in the previous year before the events in the series, in which he competed in all disciplines, such as high jump, weightlifting, obstacle racing, among others, but his favorites are running, whose main event of this type that is his favorite is the 100 meter race, and he always comes first. Because of this, Kyle is qualified for the District Competition, and he came in third place the year before, but everything that year went completely wrong.

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On Friday, Kyle was doing an interview with himself as he prepares for the 100 meter race, but is interrupted by Ava, who says the race is about to start and he should go to the finish line. He lines up with the other competitors and flies across the track, while Ezra, Maudie and Ava cheer for him, since they are from the same house. However, he was after Ethan, Grade 5B, however, that was not a concern because Kyle always passes him in the last meters, however, when he gets there, something terrible happened: Kyle loses the race, to the shock of everyone. Poppy interrupts saying that this is not terrible, but in fact, what Ezra referred to as terrible was that Kyle, frustrated by having lost, throws the flag from the finish line quite far, which shocks everyone, including Poppy. Mrs Parides is angry when she sees the bad sporting spirit Kyle demonstrated in front of everyone, and because of that, he banishes the rest of the event and tells him to apologize to Ethan and take the flag to put it back on the line, however, Kyle ignores her orders and walks away.

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Ava decides to take the flag, but Mrs Parides wants Kyle to take it because he was responsible for the juniors to run the 100 meters. Poppy is amazed to see that Kyle doesn't know how to lose, including Maudie, Ava and Ezra, who begin to discuss why he was such a bad loser in front of everyone, while Ava and Ezra have also seen him lose at times, but he wasn't too angry, where Ava gave an example of a basketball game, in which the team lost because she and Pixie were distracted, and Kyle was a little angry, but when they showed a joke they were playing, he forgot, and it even makes Poppy curious, until she is sent by Ezra to continue coloring her poster. The three seek out Kyle to get him to take the flag and put it back on the finish line. They find him in the library, and see him in tears, all because he invented that he is an allergy to books, but in fact he was sad because of the race, as he trained a lot to have a lot of respiratory resistance, which makes him always wins because Ethan got tired in the last meters. Still, they convince him to go and get the flag, which makes Kyle shamed.

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Kyle, along with the others, goes to Mrs Parides to pick up the flag, unbelievable for what he did, seeing that his father will be very angry. Maudie asks why he got mad at the race, being that Kyle doesn't know it because he was doing so well, especially in the preparations when Ethan was measuring the 100 meter race track and Kyle was putting on the high jump mattresses, and this first fact makes Maudie curious, but at the same time, Kyle, when mentioning the high jump, is devastated to see that he will not be able to compete in the high jump because he has been banned from the entire event, considering this the worst day of his life. After taking a deep breath, Kyle apologizes to Ethan for being a bad competitor and congratulates him on his victory. Mrs Parides then orders him to take the flag and put it on the finish line.

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Kyle goes to take the flag while Ava and Ezra wait for him to put it on the finish line. However, they see Maudie measuring the track, much to their confusion, and she asks Kyle not to put it on yet and then finds out that the finish line is actually in the wrong place, much to everyone's shock. Mrs Parides, realizing this, sees the meter and Maudie explains that the finish line is at a position of 94 meters, the place where Kyle overtakes Ethan, and also takes into account that Ethan was the last person to measure the track, concluding that he cheated. This leaves Poppy confused, but she realizes that he was measuring the track to find out how far Kyle does not overtake him and soon asks if she can be an inbestigator, but Ezra refuses. After that, Ethan confesses that he cheated and was disqualified from the race and banned from the entire event, and at the same time, he apologized to Kyle. After that, Kyle was considered a winner, which shocked him.

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Regarding the District Competition, Mrs Parides, Miss Tan and Mr McGillick talked that Kyle's ban on the entire event was already a punishment and that led Mrs Parides to announce to Kyle that he was qualified for the District Competition, which gets everyone excited. Even without competing, Kyle started to cheer for everyone, including Maudie, who was disturbed by Kyle's shouting. Poppy shows off her full citizenship poster and added a balloon saying she is a good friend, and Ezra also concludes that he was a good friend, even though Poppy agreed that both he and Maudie were also friends with Kyle, ending the episode.

Cast & Characters

Actor Character
Anna Cooke Maudie Miller
Aston Droomer Ezra Banks
Abby Bergman Ava Andrikides
Jamil Smyth-Secka Kyle Klimson
Madeleine Jevic Miss Helen Parides
Dash Maxwell Ethan
Eliza Ong Poppy Banks
Maria Angelico Miss Tan
Clarke Richards Mr. Barker
James Saunders Mr. McGillick



  • Sports Carnival
    • Red House
      • Maudie Miller
      • Ezra Banks
      • Ava Andrikides
      • Kyle Klimson
    • Yellow House
      • Ethan McLaughlin


  • Australia
    • Unnamed Residential Area
      • Granny Flat
      • Middle Primary School


  • The InBESTigators
    • Maudie Miller
    • Ezra Banks
    • Ava Andrikides
    • Kyle Klimson

Report Details


  • Ezra Banks
  • Poppy Banks

Crime Details


Name Crime
Kyle Klimson He was banned from the Sports Carnival after losing the 100 meter race, making him lose his temper and throw the finish line flag.


Name Motive
Ethan McLaughlin He cheated in the 100 meter race to defeat Kyle for the first time, as he always comes in second.



Cultural References

  • Sports Carnival makes a great reference to two parts of world culture:
    • It makes a reference to the Olympics due to the competition teams and all festival events.
    • The name is similar to Carnival, a holiday celebrated annually in Brazil during the month of February.
  • The way Maudie prepares to launch the bow makes her imitate a pose of the character Ulala from the Space Channel 5 game franchise.


Blooper Reels


Blooper Reel - Goof Tapes - The Inbestigators

The blooper reels are saw in this video.

  • When Aston (Ezra) starts telling the part that Kyle goes to Mrs Parides to apologize, he ends up mentioning "Mr McGillick" instead of Mrs Parides.
  • In the scene where Jamil (Kyle) starts rooting for Anna (Maudie Miller), Anna ends up mentioning "Maudie" instead of Kyle, and she, Jamil and Maria Angelico (Miss Tan) laugh.