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"Seriously Maudie? The mad professor is obviously a boy, had you even seen the movie?"
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"The Case of the Rosemary Riddle" is the 5th episode of the second season of The InBESTigators, and the 25th overall.


Ezra is grumpy when his visiting Nanna interrupts his detective work until she unexpectedly gives the Inbestigators a case to crack.


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Ezra and Ava start a new case report from the Inbestigators' investigative agency, where Ezra begins to tell that the advantage of having a granny flat in your home is because you can make an office of your own investigative agency, and in history, it shows Ezra, Maudie, Ava and Kyle gathered in the office to find Mr. Henderson's cat, Otto, however, the downside is already in the name of the place: there is a granny inside, and this is shown when Ezra's nana, who visits his home and lives in New Castle, interrupts the meeting by vacuuming the office and hears nothing because she has headphones on. Ezra considers this as a hindrance in his space, and it is not in relation to the granny flat, but to his house, since wherever he is, whether with him studying, reading a book, among other things,Nana was over there. Ava considers this to be a gentle part of her, but he says he doesn't want to be with her all day.

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In the morning, in his room, Ezra ends up being scared by his grandma, who was waiting for him to wake up saying that she planned the day's things to do with her grandson, since it is her last day at his house, but the same says he needs to have a meeting with his friends at the office to be able to meet Mr. Henderson's cat, and grandma says that then, she will let him solve the mystery while she goes to the supermarket to buy the ingredients for her special recipe, and Ezra is very happy and hugs her. However, during the meeting, she did not go out to the supermarket but was vacuuming the flat, which was disturbing the meeting due to the noise. Nana apologizes saying that she was leaving the attachment clean, and says she will feed his cat, which leaves everyone confused, since Ezra has no cat, and they run, where Ezra considers this to be something that would leave him even more frustrated.

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Outside, Nana appears petting a cat that is eating, while the four arrive there to see what was happening. Ezra says that his family don't has any cat, where Nana is confused by this because Poppy, before going to camp, said for her to go feed Tibbles, but Ezra reveals that he feeds him and that he is a goldfish, and that makes everyone realize that the cat she was feeding was, in fact, Otto. Nana blames himself for being distracted and promises to take Otto to Mr Henderson and explain what happened, where Ezra shows to be completely upset, since the agency went on hiatus because of Grandma, who was interrupting his job as a detective . Seeing this, Nana decides to invite everyone to go to the market with her, but for Ezra, this was not surprising, since he always goes to the market with his mother, and it is not something new.

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However, when they arrived at the market, everyone was completely excited about the things that were there, seeing that all the children, except Ezra, love to go to the market. Nana decides to get everyone to start searching for the ingredients for her lamb roast and asks Ezra to hold the list and tells her not to lose it, saying that she will need it, saying that it is her secret code, which leaves Ezra completely confused by the that she meant. Ava is excited, as she loves lamb roast, and calls Ezra's grandma "grandma", where she reveals herself as Rosemary, which is her real name and asks them (Maudie, Ava and Kyle) to call it that and which is also one of the main ingredients on the shopping list, where it refers to a plant with a very strong smell, and also contains thyme, which makes Kyle confused when he thinks he needs time in a recipe, but in fact, it is another plant that needs to be used after rosemary. Ezra was the only one who was not excited and considered it the worst day of his life and that nothing would cheer him up, but when Rosemary asks Ezra to say the last ingredient on the list, they realize she has jelly donuts, which leaves everyone excited, but Rosemary says they will buy the first ingredients, since at noon, they will have fresh donuts and if they get there, they can have that opportunity.

Cast & Characters

Actor Character
Abby Bergman Ava Andrikides
Anna Cooke Maudie Miller
Aston Droomer Ezra Banks
Jamil Smyth-Secka Kyle Klimson
Diana Lin Nana
Firdi Billimoria Butcher
Jess Perkins Sylvia



  • Australia
    • Unnamed Residential Area
      • Granny Flat
      • Ezra's house
      • Market



Report Details


Crime Details


Name Crime
The InBESTigators Rosemary mount them a mystery to crack in the market.


Name Motive
Rosemary She was very upset to see that she was being very spacious with Ezra during the visit and interrupting his work as an investigator.




  • Maudie and Kyle appear with the same clothes that they were using during the case report in "The Case of the Disappearing Deliveries", which proves that:
    • The episode takes possibly one day after the case reporting, as Maudie and Kyle mentioned that Ezra's nanna would come to visit him.
    • Each season can be connected to each other in another chronological form, which is proved as Maudie and Kyle were using the same clothes that they were using in the case report of "The Case of the Disappearing Deliveries", and they mention that Ezra's nanna would come to visit him.
  • Ezra again shows his worrying personality after seeing that his grandmother had disappeared, however, he demonstrates hiding what he feels in the background, where he showed this in "The Case of the Sad Little Sister".
  • Rosemary's next visiting on Ezra's house is mentioned in "The Case of the Incredible Fortune Teller", when Ezra comes to Ramona's fortune teller tent and she predicts that his nanna would come to his house.