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"Seriously Maudie? The mad professor is obviously a boy, had you even seen the movie?"
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"The Case of the Puzzling Pet Day" is the third episode of the second season of The InBESTigators, and the 23rd episode overall.


When the Animal Shelter visits school to audition kids for a television commercial, Maudie suspects a crime is happening right under everyone's noses.


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Ezra starts a new case report from the inbestigators, saying that an investigator should always be on the alert, because a crime can happen under everyone's noses, where he starts talking about Miss Tan. Soon, his sister Poppy interrupts him, asking if she has committed a crime, and he says that she could listen if she did not interrupt him, and also denies the fact that Miss Tan has committed a crime. Soon, Ezra resumes the account, saying that Miss Tan last week announced that the Animal Shelter would come to school to do a commercial the next day, which started to get everyone excited, and most of them raised their hands to say that they will bring the animal to school, where Miss Tan says that they will have to bring the form filled out by those responsible. Ezra raises her hand, asking if anyone with allergies to dogs and cats can stay, which surprises Miss Tan. Poppy interrupts by replying that he is actually afraid of dogs, but Ezra says the story is about people and their pets.

Amelia, as an example of people who are crazy about their pets, talks to Miss Tan who already signed her greyhound form, Loopy, and is excited that Miss Tan has to see him, and starts telling the story of her dog, where she starts to interrupt Miss Tan, until she tells her to stop, which makes Amelia sad. Soon, Miss Tan reminds everyone that the shelter will only choose a few students and their pets, because there won't be room for all the dogs and cats, and Kyle interrupts, saying that he can bring a Meixan Walking Fish, where Miss Tan concludes that some will stay. outside, which saddens everyone, since they really wanted to spend in the commercial.

Everyone, excitedly, starts to give Miss Tan the suggestion to bring her animals, if the shelter will want, like the rabbits of Ava and Pixie, and Kyle's Mexican Walking Fish in a tupperware pot, where Miss Tan responds to all. Soon, Miranda asks if they are going to have HMU, where she leaves Miss Tan confused, and she replies that it means Hair and Makeup, where Ezra explains that she has already been on television in a detergent commercial, where Miss Tan sees that it is the last straw for her, and tells everyone to calm down because everyone is excited about the commercial. Miss Tan asks Maudie if she has a pet, where she replies that she plays with the cat that is near her dad's office because he always forgets to eat the sandwich, but the same question asks if she will bring a pet, where she denies it, which makes Miss Tan consider her and Ezra as animal coordinators, which leaves Ezra shocked that she ignored the fact that he is allergic to dogs and cats.

The next day, Ezra and Maudie start interviewing Miranda, asking her dog's name, where Miranda replies that his name is cookie, a greyhound, and Maudie asks Ezra to look at the number on his collar, where Ezra, afraid, refuses, even though Maudie says that greyhounds are docile, but Ezra considers them very tall, and to make her allergies worse, she had one more greyhound, Amelia's, Loopy, and she is surprised to see that Miranda has a greyhound and asks to go with her to the greyhounds club on Thursdays, where Miranda, in response, says she has theater on Thursdays. Ezra interrupts, telling Amelia to stay in line with the others so as not to cause an animal riot due to her allergy, where she returns to the line, and Maudie resumes asking where is Cookie's guide, where Miranda replies that she thought bringing the tape would be really cute for the commercial.

Cast & Characters

Actor Character
Anna Cooke Maudie Miller
Aston Droomer Ezra Banks
Abby Bergman Ava Andrikides
Jamil Smyth-Secka Kyle Klimson
Maria Angelico Miss Tan
Eliza Ong Poppy Banks
Hannah Johnston Amelia Fitzgerald
Milla Bishop Miranda
Hannah Leigh Struckett Pixie
Bailey McMillian-Power Justin



  • Australia
    • Unnamed Residential Area
      • Middle Primary School
        • Miss Tan's Classroom
      • Granny Flat
      • Animal Shelter


  • The InBESTigators
    • Maudie Miller
    • Ezra Banks
    • Ava Andrikides
    • Kyle Klimson

Report Details


  • Ezra Banks
  • Poppy Banks

Crime Details


Amelia Fitzgerald her dog cookie went missing


miranda she thought cookie wanted a outing because he was alone all day she could not see a lead so she put ribbon on cookie and took him to school with out asking Amelia Fitzgerald



  • This is the debut of Poppy Banks in the second season.
  • In this episode, is revealed that Ezra is allergic to dogs and cats, even with Poppy's denies saying that he is afraid of dogs.

Cultural References

  • Greyhounds were also shown in several other media, like Santa's Little Helper from the animated TV series The Simpsons.
  • Miranda mentions Hair and Makeup, which actors put on before filming a scene.


  • This episode references "The Case of the Turtle Thief", for big reasons:
    • Kyle also had mentioned that Ezra does not likes animals in "The Case of the Turtle Thief", even expressing lies that he likes animals.
    • The Animal Shelter was also mentioned on this episode.
  • Ezra has also mentioned that Miranda had made a television appearance in a Cuddles ad in "The Case of the Wrecked Rehearsal".