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"Seriously Maudie? The mad professor is obviously a boy, had you even seen the movie?"
This article contains spoilers. We recommend that you watch the series before reading this article, or if it is not possible, read it at your own risk.

"The Case of the Peculiar Pop Quiz" is the twelfth episode of The InBESTigators.


Maudie and Ava infiltrate Mr Barker's grade six class to watch his famous pop quiz, where Maudie uncovers a crime.


Cast & Characters

Actor Character
Abby Bergman Ava Andrikides
Anna Cooke Maudie Miller
Aston Droomer Ezra Banks
Jamil Smyth-Secka Kyle Kilmson
Georgie Haralambopoulos Kelly
Madeleine Jevic Mrs. Parides
Clarke Richards Mr. Barker
Kayleigh O'Dwyer Dayani
Kat Dunshea Abby
Shayne Warren Paul
Lachlan Martin Kevin
Declan O'Donovan Xavier




  • Dayani's Pen
  • Paul's Glasses


  • Mr Barker's Pop Quiz


  • The InBESTigators
    • Maudie Miller
    • Ezra Banks
    • Ava Andrikides
    • Kyle Klimson

Report Details


  • Ava Andrikides

Crime Details


Name Crime
Kelly Pickett She feels like she's falling behind and wants to win Mr. Barker's Pop Quiz.


Name Motive
Dayani, Paul, Abby, and Xavier They wanted to win the pop quiz to go to the Pancake Palace, which Dayani cannot go to due to her mum being gluten-free, so they cheated to win.



  • This is the first episode to feature the year 6 students, and the first appearance of Dayani, Abby, Paul, Xavier, Kelly and Kevin.
    • Dayani, Paul and Xavier are the only characters of the episode that reappear in other episodes.
  • One of the questions that Mr Barker makes at his pop quiz is "Who was our first Prime Minister?", which confirms that the show is set on Australia, as the correct answer to this question is Edmund Barton.

Cultural References

  • The Pancake Palace was also in Ben 10, during the episode "Assault on Pancake Palace", which is part of its 2016 reboot.
  • During the netball training, it had questions that reference:
    • Paris, France's capital and most popular city.
    • Thomas Edison, who, according to Kelly, is known as the inventor of the lamp.
  • During Mr Barker's Pop Quiz, several events or cultural members were referenced:
    • The number of points to result in a 'deuce' in a tennis match, which is 40-40.
    • Don Bradman, a cricket player.
    • Edmund Barton, which is known as the first prime minister of Australia.
    • Haiku, a short form of Japanese poetry characterized by three aspects.
    • Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy, which is the first book of the series featuring Hairy Maclary from the New Zealand author Lynley Dodd.
    • Lord of the Flies, a novel written by William Golding.
    • Romeo and Juliet, a novel written by William Shakespeare.
    • The Hunger Games, a post-apocalyptic book written by Suzanne Collins.
    • The 2012 Olympics, a sport event that happened in London.
  • It is also shown on Mr Barker's class The Behavior Wheel, which is a wheel used by teachers to show if their students are learning how to change its behaviour.
  • Mr Barker mentions the term cacaphony, which is the sound heard by the unfortunate individual trapped in some sort of large gathering of sick people.


  • Maudie is still replied for her rude behaviour, saw in the episodes "The Case of the Disappearing Deliveries" and "The Case of the Missing Solar System".
  • Ava mentions the school's website, mentioned by Ezra in "The Case of the Curious New Girl".
  • Paul appears again on "The Case of the Turtle Thief", but has some differences:
    • Ava, during this episode, doesn't know him, which possibly confirms that "The Case of the Peculiar Pop Quiz" occurred after the events of "The Case of the Turtle Thief".
    • Xavier and Kevin also have a cameo appearance during this episode.
    • The boxes seen on "The Case of the Turtle Thief" are similar to the basket saw on this episode.
  • Dayani appears again in "The Case of the Lousy Lunch Orders", as she commits again a crime: replacing all the students' lunch orders.
    • Also, the lunch orders are seen again on this episode, and Ava and Pixie are officially confirmed as the orders monitor, including the Pancake Palace.
  • Mr Barker, as an alternative to the question "Who was our Prime Minister?", mentions "a puppy dog", which possibly references his dog Crayon, which began to be seen in "The Case of the Extremely Empty Freezer" and "The Case of the Incredible Fortune Teller".

Blooper Reels


Blooper Reel - Goof Tapes - The Inbestigators

The blooper reels are seen in this video.

  • When trying to eat the nine pancakes to beat the record during the flashback scene, Jamil (Kyle) fails to eat the first pancakes, which came off the fork, and laughs.