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Speaker Dialogue
[voice over] The Case of the Missing Solar System
Ezra begins another case report while puting cereal into a bowl.
Ezra Here at the inbestigators, we never know which mystery client is going to walk through that door.
Poppy, Ezra's younger sister, opens the door and enters into the office.
Poppy Mum said did you take the cereal again?
Ezra takes the cereal and hands it to Poppy.
Ezra Yes! The paint jars are evidence.
Kyle But that water's green.
Ezra And what happens when you put blue and yellow together?
Kyle begins to think.
Kyle Mrs Nankervis yells at me for mixing up the paints?
Maudie and Ezra looks starred at Kyle.
Ezra Kyle really struggles to stay on topic.
Ezra Blue and Yellow paint make green. Whoever did this used the same brush for both colors.
Kyle Oh boy, Mrs Nankervis is going to be furious.