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"Seriously Maudie? The mad professor is obviously a boy, had you even seen the movie?"
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Miss Tan: Pixie, where's yours?
Pixie: It's there... it was there. It's... where is it? Where's my diorama?

"The Case of the Missing Solar System" is the third episode of The InBESTigators.


Pixie is horrified when her solar system diorama goes missing, even more so when Miss Tan accuses her of not doing the assignment. Kyle thinks he's tracked it down when he pulls a crumpled diorama out of the bin, but Pixie is adamant that it's not hers - she painted all her planets pink and sparkly. Upset that no one believes that she has for once done her homework, Pixie is desperate for Maudie to find out what happened.[1]


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The episode begins with Ezra starting recording a new case report for the Inbestigators, but is interrupted by his younger sister, Poppy, who orders him to return the cereal at the behest of their mother. Then, Ezra forgets what he was talking about, and Poppy remembers it, however, Ezra remembers what it is, saying that the crime occurred at school, during the day of delivery of the solar system dioramas.

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The story begins at school, where Kyle meets Maudie on the way to school with his solar system models, so Maudie sees that Kyle's is not very good, insulting him, and Poppy is shocked to hear what Maudie had spoken, where Ezra explains that, because she is too sincere, she usually ends up offending people, where she tries to correct her defect. Maudie apologizes to Kyle for talking badly about his model. Soon, Kyle says that he always forgets to do before the night before delivery, and everyone works for many days, for example, the models of animal habitat, and among them is a jungle of monkeys, which looked very real.  

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Soon after, Ezra says that he had a good idea, but his was not better, but Justin's, who surprised everyone with a model that has a whale squirting water, with a basin of water, where Kyle said that he is good with things like that, and he surprised everyone again when he made his Antarctic model with hubcaps that were really melting. Maudie, soon after, begins to see that Kyle used noodles and considers it a great idea to have used it as space debris, but Kyle reveals that, in fact, he dropped noodles from his dinner into his model, and then takes it and eats, concluding that Kyle didn't care about his model. In Physical Education, while playing Softball, Kyle ends up receiving a different ball from softball, where Ava reveals that it is a pink rubber ball with an 'S' written on it and that Amelia found it and asks if she can play with her. Even so, Kyle refuses to play with the wrong ball, but with the real ball, seeing that she wasted 30 minutes of Physical Education, where she sees that Kyle cares more about this than his solar system model, but according to Ezra, he did it, luckily, because they realized during the classroom that not everyone did it.  

In the classroom, Miss Tan, when checking all the dioramas, asks one of the students, Pixie (Ava's best friend), where her diorama is, and showing her where she is, she sees that she is no longer there, and starts asking for your diorama. However, Miss Tan doesn't believe her conversation and accuses her of not having done it, even with Pixie swearing, and Ava starts to defend her, even though she hasn't seen her with the diorama because, at the time Pixie arrived, she was in PE class. However, Amelia disagrees with Ava's claims, saying that Pixie didn't and asks Miss Tan to ground her, but she refuses the request, saying that this is not a kind attitude and asks the other students if any of them saw it the Pixie diorama, but everyone ends up denying it.  

Cast & Characters

Actor Character
Anna Cooke Maudie Miller
Aston Droomer Ezra Banks
Abby Bergman Ava Andrikides
Jamil Smyth-Secka Kyle Klimson
Eliza Ong Poppy Banks
Hana Leigh Struckett Pixie
Maria Angelico Miss Tan
Hannah Johnston Amelia Fitzgerald
Bailey McMillian-Power Justin




  • Sagittario
  • Notebook
  • Pixie's Diorama

Report Details


Crime Details


Name Crime
Pixie Her solar system diorama was stolen.


Name Motive
Amelia Fitzgerald She was being rude with Pixie, and because she found the Sagitario rubber ball, but she wasn't responsible because she was in P.E. class.


Name Motive
Justin He hadn't done his diorama because his parents were in the UK, and they normally do it for him.



  • This is the first appearance of Pixie, Amelia, Justin and Poppy Banks.
  • England is the first country being mentioned in the series, as well the first place outside Australia being mentioned.
  • When the cast of the series was announced, Butler and Hope teased the episode, saying: "We’re delighted to be combining two of our favourite things: kids and crime. Okay, that sounds wrong… We mean we’re excited to watch our eleven-year-old detectives crack the very big cases like who stole Pixie’s solar system diorama?".[2]
  • This episode received a reprise on ABC Me on July 13, 2019, 3 days after the end of the first season of the series.[1]
  • During the episode, Poppy tells that she wants to be like Maudie, saying: "When I grow two years up", concluding that she's 8 years old.
  • Along with "The Case of the Sleepover Secret", this episode received an adaptation from the crime crack shorts on YouTube, released on July 18, 2019.[3]

Cultural References


Blooper Reels

  • While telling the part where Maudie and the others go to the art room, Aston (Ezra) ends up mentioning the office instead of the art room.