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"The Case of the Lousy Lunch Orders" is the 11th episode of the second season of The InBESTigators, and the 31st overall.


Ezra is outraged when everyone's treat day lunch orders are replaced with healthy food and insists on tracking down the culprit.


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The episode begins with Kyle starting the case report, revealing himself to be one of the school's sports captains, the school's second most important position, behind the principal, where he asks not to tell Miss Tan, and says that it is incredible because can do cool things, including helping physical education prof to announce some incredible news.

At school, Mrs Parides, along with Dayani and Kyle, asks everyone to hear something she has to say, while Kyle starts to imitate her, where Mrs Parides asks him to stop, letting her explain without his help, where Kyle says she is not good at raising some excitement, and back to the story, Mrs Parides finally announces to everyone that they are launching the Premier's Healthy Eating Challenge, but no one gets as excited as she expected, and she explains that everyone, starting this week, should eat any meal in the newsletters, which are very healthy, and will earn you many points if you eat enough healthy food. Still, no one is excited about the news.

To cheer everyone up, Kyle stands on the table and reveals the prize if they win the challenge: a high-tech basketball half-court, where it has a great cheering effect on everyone, who starts to applaud. The half-court was such a cool prize to win, and it was important especially for Dayani (a year 6 who wants to be a professional basketball player in the future), who says that despite the school's basketball teams being so good, they does not have an adequate training space, and this award would change your training. So Kyle also says that the other reason is that, even if they weren't on the basketball team, they could play all the time, where Miss Tan interrupts denying that it can't be in class or at the moment of reading, where Kyle says it would be too thick if I didn't let them use it all the time. Everyone says they will meet the challenge. However, Ezra shows concern and asks if he would also have to eat healthy foods on Friday, where he reveals that it is Treat Day, which is his favourite day of the week, where he can order anything he wants, however, they are not healthy.

So, Mrs Parides asks what's in it for him if he asks for a salad snack instead of a hot-dog, and he replies that he will die if that happens. Miss Tan intervenes saying that they can order whatever they want during Friday, not counting the challenge, which is to eat healthy things, but that makes Mrs Parides very worried. Even so, Miss Tan says that everyone, before Friday, should fulfil the challenge's objective: to eat healthy things. Then, during that moment, many ate things like paprika, cucumber, apples, pears, strawberries, among others. Finally, Friday came, known as "Treat Day", and everyone started taking orders, completely excited, however, when Ezra withdraws the order, he is shocked to see that, instead of receiving a Pizza, gummy snake and raspberry juice, received a salad roll, a green apple and a carton of milk, and Maudie, instead of receiving a pie and a jelly donut, received a salad roll and an apple.

However, it was not just the two of them, but all of them who had placed their orders. Maude then notes that someone stuck labels on top of the real orders, where healthy food was written, concluding that someone stuck labels to exchange everyone's orders. Ezra ends up getting very angry about it and goes to Ava and Pixie, since they are responsible for delivering the orders and asks if they did that and why. Ava denies this, saying that she is upset that she did not receive the correct order. Seeing that Ezra is very hungry, Maudie asks him to eat his salad snack, but he denies it. So, she decides to interrogate Ava to find out what happened to the orders after they delivered, where they always take it to the board and leave it in the hall, and remembers that Kyle had been there. Ezra gets angrier and realizes that he hadn't taken the order, that's because he hadn't asked for anything.

Ezra, realizing this, accuses him of having exchanged all Friday orders, making a pun: which is not even when he takes his feet off Saturday, but Kyle didn't understand anything. Maudie explains what had happened, and Kyle is angry to see that they think he was responsible for all of this, but even though he went to secretary after Ava and Pixie, he wanted the half-court and picked up the snack at home, he says the reason for this is because he wants to be an example. He finally assumes that he forgot to write his snack order because he didn't see the basket with the orders and, at the same time, forgot to sign the book because he was distracted by Dayani, who was in the infirmary because she felt a little dizzy during class. Ezra, seeing this, decides to go after her, and Maudie went along.

Upon seeing her, Ezra arrives and accuses Dayani of having exchanged orders, and she was confused, but Maudie, to hide her hunger, says that he wanted to know if she was better from dizziness, and she says yes. However, Ezra gets angrier and ends up saying that she was responsible for the worst day of his life. Dayani, seeing that it is because of the wrong orders, says that she had also won a salad snack, an apple and a carton of milk too, and she throws the order in the trash, which makes Maudie suspicious and asks how long she stayed in the infirmary, and she replies that it was 35 minutes, but the same line that does not know how long she stayed and asks them to go to Mrs Parides and ask, since she was in the hall, printing something. Ezra is reminded that, during the day the challenge was announced, she asked if he would happen to die if he received healthy food instead of treat food, and this fact that Dayani explained made Mrs Parides suspicious of what had happened.

Ezra, completely angry, goes to Mrs Parides while Maudie fails to stop him from accusing her. He starts to confront her, and she is confused. When he asks what she was doing at the printer, and Kyle, during the report, begins to see that she acted like him when he ends up eating all the chocolate chip cookies and when his mother asks who it was, he even pretends not to knows nothing. Upon realizing which printer Ezra was referring to, she apologizes saying it was for her husband's grandmother, which leaves everyone confused. She explains that what she was printing was Greek recipes for her grandmother's 80th birthday. from her husband, concluding that it was not she who had exchanged all lunch orders. Ezra is upset to see that Mrs Parides was not responsible and then Maudie asks him to eat the salad snack because, even if the case is resolved, she will not end up getting everyone the right order, which makes Ezra curious, and he waits for him to eat, and then, when eating, he sees that it is very tasty and asks who was responsible.

Maudie and Ezra meet with Ava and Kyle, where Maudie says she went to Dayani because she wanted half a block more than everyone, where after Ava and Pixie left the baskets with the orders, Dayani was only in the infirmary waiting and after they leave, she takes the basket and glues labels that she must have printed at home, and when she sees Kyle, she hides the basket under the covers and supports her feet. However, Mrs Parides did not notice that Dayani had picked up the basket because she was afraid someone would see what she was printing, and Dayani took advantage of that to be able to put the basket back where it was. Ezra asks how they are going to taste this and if he has another apple. Maude then goes to the trash, and Ava is shocked by this. Maudie removes the bag from the order that Dayani had thrown away when they interrogated her, and did not know why, and when she turned, she finally concluded that she had placed the order herself and did not need to stick the labels.

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Everyone was angry to see that Dayani had done this to them. Kyle, together with the three, sees Dayani and confronts her saying that the challenge meant nothing on Friday, that it was the only day that everyone could ask for anything they want, where she assumes that she was too desperate to win the sock -quadra, but Ava confronts her saying that she really wants to put an ergonomic bike in school, but that doesn't mean she must cheat to do that, and Dayani apologizes, and when she sees Mrs Parides, she has no choice but to tell her, and no one had a choice with lunch orders.

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Kyle reveals that, soon after, the school had lost the challenge because during that time, many had to celebrate several anniversaries at the Palace of Pancakes, seeing that this resulted in defeat because they had eaten a lot of pancakes. Kyle takes two sandwiches, gathers them and prepares to eat, saying that he wants to prepare for next year, where he eats, and then the episode ends.

Cast & Characters

Actor Character
Abby Bergman Ava Andrikides
Anna Cooke Maudie Miller
Aston Droomer Ezra Banks
Jamil Smyth-Secka Kyle Kilmson
Madeleine Jevic Mrs. Parides
Kayleigh O'Dwyer Dayani
Maria Angelico Miss Tan
Zac Mineo James
Hana Leigh Struckett Pixie




  • Premier's Healtly Eating Challenge

Report Details


Crime Details

Victim (s)


The Middle Primary School students Everyone's treat day lunch orders were replaced by healthy foods.


Name Motive
Kyle Klimson
Miss Parides


Name Motive
Dayani She was desperate to won the challenge and seeing that Friday would be a possibility of they lose it because everyone would order treat foods instead of healtly foods.



  • Kyle is wearing the clothes that he's wearing in promotional images for the second season.

Cultural References


  • Ezra also mentioned in "The Case of the Vanishing Koalas" that his mum never lets him take non-healtly foods during the week, which Kyle says the same thing when he describes how the lunch orders are very special to Ezra.
  • This episode references "The Case of the Peculiar Pop Quiz", for big reasons:
    • Ava and Pixie, on this episode, is shown as the directors of the lunch orders, as Ava mentioned in the same episode.
    • Dayani was shown in this episode, and is also declared as culprit is this episode.
      • As mentioned, Dayani is very good at sports, as seen during an scene where Dayani loves to play Basketball.

Blooper Reels

  • In the scene where everyone starts heading towards Dayani, Jamil (Kyle) ends up missing that part and goes back to where he started and accidentally bumps into the others.