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"Seriously Maudie? The mad professor is obviously a boy, had you even seen the movie?"
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Someone sabotaged our music.


"The Case of the Distressed Dancer" is the fourth episode of The InBESTigators


When his dance troupes concert routine is sabotaged, Zac hires the Inbestigators to find out who at the dance academy is responsible.


The episode begins with Maudie and Ava starting the new case report from the Inbestigators' investigative agency at school, because Ezra is sick with tonsillitis, and since it's contagious, they can't use the office. Ava gives Maudie a cupcake and they sit on the stairs, and Ava explains that she was at camp during the case, and Maudie says that it all started when she and Ezra had someone in the office.

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Soon, the person turns out to be a teenager named Zac O Halloran, who reveals that his presentation was sabotaged. Ava is surprised and asks how, where Maudie explains that Zac studies at Dance Dreams Dance School, where he and his group are very good. Soon, Zac explains that someone had sabotaged the music of the presentation, which was gradually getting faster and faster and could not keep up. In addition, the entire audience was laughing at them and then the group were embarrassed and when the show was over, they didn't leave until everyone left except for the girl who was stacking the chairs.

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So, Ezra and Maudie see how bad that was for Zac, especially that the video of the show was posted on the internet all over the world, to make matters worse. Zac then wants to clear his name and win the trust back from his group because they think it was his fault that the music accelerated, mainly because the music was playing on his cell phone. In a flashback, he shows Zac and the group rehearsing for the presentation, and then a girl called Trish, the technician, appears, who asks for the music from their presentation to put on her laptop but he refuses, saying he will use his cell phone to play the music. So, Maudie asks if the technique does this, and Zac doesn't know what technique she is referring to, and when he learns that it was the girl who asked for his music, Zac says that she organizes the songs and the lights, what is it that a technician does, where Maudie explains, during the report, that Zac does not prove to be a genius, where she thought he made a mistake using his cell phone.

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Therefore, Zac denies this, where he tested using his home radio, where everyone agreed that they would use the cell phone to play the song, and soon everyone lost confidence after the performance. Soon, Ezra says that the file was corrupted, only that Zac denies it, which is strange, and shows the music playing normally, and then Maudie says it may have been a bug, but Zac also denies this, saying that the person responsible was someone jealous of the talent of the group and wants them to find out the culprit, but Ezra says it will be difficult and soon decides to start the next day when Zac gives them 10 dollars in advance.

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The next day, Ezra and Maudie, together with Kyle, go to Dance Dreams Dance School to start the case and when observing Zac and the group, they see that they are very good at dancing and possibly the person in charge was jealous of their talent. Soon, the school principal, Terri-Anne, appears, who asks what they can help, saying that they cannot just watch but if they wanted to enroll, where, as a cover, Maudie and Ezra decide to enrol Kyle, who is surprised. Terri-Anne says he is going to have to change and looks for some clothes at Lost and Found and mentions a brand new cell phone case and finally finds one, where Ava was very surprised to see that Kyle wore a disguise. Soon, it shows Kyle with the outfit, which he found very ridiculous. Ezra and Maudie manage to convince Kyle to attend school to help them in the investigation.

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Meanwhile, Maudie and Ezra go to Zac's office to get to know the technique, where Zac had a hard time knowing which technique Maudie was referring to, where Maudie remembers that he was the person who played play on his cell phone, where Zac remembers and succeeds introduce her, where he calls her Trixie, and she corrects that her name is Trish, and Zac says that she is a cleaner because she stacked the chairs on the day of the show, where Trish denies it, saying it was just for help them, and soon Zac realizes that she is editing the video of the group's presentation at the show, and sees that she had the options of slow-motion, fast motion and time-lapse, where Ezra started saying that Zac was crazy about don't let Trish take care of the music.

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Soon, Maudie decides to interrogate Trish to find out what had happened during the presentation, where she reveals that Zac insisted everyone to have the song played on his cell phone, where she had never used it for 5 years that she works with technique and never saw a very fast song, where she tried to fix it, but it was too late. Soon, Ezra notes that her cell phone screen broke, where Trish said it was Claudia's fault, who during the show, bumped and scared her, which caused her to drop her cell phone, where Claudia was the group's fifth member. , until being expelled on account of her always being late, where Claudia confirms this and then decided to practice a solo career, where she is the girl who had run into Maudie when the group arrived at the place. She was rehearsing her soil well before she was kicked out, even during the break. Soon, Maudie asks why Trish didn't go with the group at the break, where Claudia replies that she never goes out with the school stars.

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Soon, the two notice that Kyle dances in the group next to Claudia, where Ava asks how they knew he was there, where Maudie replies that they heard him scream after falling during the rehearsal, where Kyle reveals a very incredible discovery about the investigation. , where he says that his group is jealous of Zac's troupe, and that they are made up of pre-teenagers who have changed a lot: the girls have grown, except the boys, and because of that, their choreography is very horrible. A flashback shows the boys mentioning that they saw the video of Zac's group presentation on the internet and the girl mentions that she wanted to see it instead of having ice on her ankle because they dropped her, where she asks Kyle to get up, where he lifted her and made him fall and the girl sprained her ankle. Kyle concludes that they were responsible, but Maudie denies this, saying that they had ice on their ankles, and then she says that they must see the new cell phone cover in Lost and Found, which leaves everyone confused, including Ava.

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Maudie shows the two of which Lost and Found she was referring to and takes out a new cell phone case, where Ezra and Kyle think it's Zac's, but it's someone else's. Maudie, Ezra and Kyle go to Zac's group room, where Maudie reveals that Trish is looking for the cell phone cover, where Trish denies saying it is Zac's, where Maudie says that was the reason she bought it, where she explains that the cell phone that Trish used to play the song was her own, but disguised with the cell phone cover that seems to be Zac's, where she had accelerated the music and if Claudia hadn't been late, nobody would know, and before of Claudia bumping into Trish, she was removing the cover and in the process, the cover ended up being lost, where Trish couldn't find it afterwards, where everyone gets confused, where Maudie reminds them that Trish, after the show, was stacking the chairs, however, he was doing it because he was looking for the fake cell phone cover, which was in the Lost and Found.

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So, Trish decides to assume to Zac that she had sabotaged the group's music, where Zac is very angry and threatens to scold her to Terri-Anne to be expelled, where she will never again be able to dance in the studio, where Trish corrects him that she is a technician, and Maudie reveals that this is why Trish sabotaged his music. For five years, Trish had been at the studio, but Zac didn't know her name, didn't know what she did, and never invited her to lunch. She put up with him until he intruded on the sound system.

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Ava finally understands why Trish did this, and Terri-Anne says the same thing to Zac after he snitched on Trish, where she sees they were being very harsh on her and as a punishment, says they should clean up the studio instead of dance class next Saturday, including Trish. Furious, Zac tells the Inbestigators to return the 10 dollars, where Maudie reveals that she used them to buy the cupcakes, and after that, Ava turns off the camera and so the episode ends.

Cast & Characters

Actor Character
Anna Cooke Maudie Miller
Aston Droomer Ezra Banks
Abby Bergman Ava Andrikides
Jamil Smyth-Secka Kyle Klimson
Alexandra Cashmere Trish
Louisa Fitzhardinge Terri-Anne
Monet Sirc Ebony
Maiah Stewardson Claudia
Jake Stone Chuck
Kaitlin Tanti Hayley
Grace Anderson Tall Girl #1
Bridget Anile Tall Girl #2
Kershawn Theodore Small Boy #1
Mitchell Otto Small Boy #2




  • Notebook
  • Phone case


  • The InBESTigators
    • Maudie Miller
    • Ezra Banks
    • Ava Andrikides
    • Kyle Klimson

Report Details


Crime Details


Zac: His music was sabotaged


under 14 : they are jealouse of zac


Trish: she was direspected by zac



  • This is the first episode where Ava only appears in reporting, as she was in a tennis camp during all the events of the case.
  • This is the first time where the case report doesn't occurred on Granny flat, for a big motive, as mentioned by Maudie:
    • Ezra was sick with tonsillitis, which is a bacterial disease that, as it is transmitted by air droplets, saliva or contact with the contaminated person or on contaminated surfaces, Maudie and Ava decided not to use the office.
  • Kyle, during this episode, demonstrated to be smart, as he beings focused on his disguise role on the school.

Cultural References

  • Ava, after getting excited realising that Kyle was disguised, mentions that she wanted to be disguised as Beyoncé, an American singer-songwriter.