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"Seriously Maudie? The mad professor is obviously a boy, had you even seen the movie?"
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"The Case of the Distracted Detective" is the 16th episode of the second season of The InBESTigators, and the 36th overall.


Ezra is nominated for the Young Small Business Awards but as the event draws near, Ezra is increasingly upset and Maudie must find out why.[1]


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Ava and Kyle begin yet another case report from the Inbestigators. While trying to explain, Ava is interrupted by Kyle, who is very excited about the story, and the same is silent. The story begins to take place at school, where Ezra announces to Maudie, Ava and Kyle that something incredible has happened to the Inbestigators: they have entered the Young Small Business Competition, an annual event that selects people under the age of 16 who have started some kind of business, and then they became one of the three finalists, which made everyone understand how important the competition is to Ezra, who discovered it last week and had the help of Mr Barker to enroll the entire agency, but did not tell them not to make them hopeful. Ezra tells them all about the competition, whose presentation of the three selected businesses will take place at the local library on Saturday, and that the other finalists are Jordan, from Jordan's Jams, and Harriet, owner of a web-design company, in which he suggests that they ask to re-do the agency's website, which leaves everyone confused and this leads Ezra to be disappointed. Then, they say it will help you for the presentation, in which they must make a speech with jokes, describing them and talking about why they want to win the prize, which is a trophy and a year of photo-copy at Office Maxi Mart, just to Kyle's disappointment, however, he started to find the prize very good when he asks if he can photocopy his body parts.

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Then, they agree to rehearse the speech after school. This starts with Maudie on Tuesday, who, while delivering the speech, Ezra was not paying attention, making them see that he is very distracted by the competition. On Wednesday, Kyle begins rehearsing his speech in cat costume and is surprised to see Ezra let him in costume, and at the same time accept the idea of him being the tree holding Kyle (which is the cat). Ava, on Thursday, rehearses her part of the presentation, and notes that Ezra was looking at his cell phone instead of paying attention to the speech, which even makes her worried, noting that he is very nervous about the competition. So, she puts on background music and the incentive to overcome her nervousness, and that makes him stay focused on the presentation.

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The group goes to the library, the location of the Young Small Business Competition, on Saturday, with Ezra very excited, and the others see that he is no longer acting weird. Soon, they meet one of the finalists, Harriet, who is excited to see them, because she is a fan and always follows their vlog, and introduces them to Jordan, who demonstrates not knowing them, but seeing them, he reveals that he is a little bit discouraged by the fact that they are small, which makes Ava shocked, seeing that Jordan was very thick with the group. They meet Mr Barker, who pretends not to know them. Ava tells about how Jordan was thick, but Maudie says he must see their performance, because although they are 10-11 year old kids, they, in fact, do take everything seriously.

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The competition begins, and a woman named Natasha, takes the stage as a host, and reveals herself as the winner of the Young Small Business Competition 15 years ago and owns her own cosmetics company called Natasha Eyelasher, and ends with everyone clapping and at the same time, he encouraged the group to be determined with the competition, including Harriet and Jordan, who were reviewing their presentations. Jordan started his presentation, and tells several jokes that make Kyle laugh a lot, but when he turns to laugh with Ezra, Kyle notices that he is gone and tells Maudie and Ava and how their presentation will start shortly, they started to look for him quickly.

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Maudie decides to divide the trio so they can go look for Ezra in different corridors: Kyle in the bathrooms, Maudie in the fiction section and Ava in the non-fiction section, which makes her try to change, and Kyle silences them when he sees Ezra behind the corridor, who is very upset. The three of them go to see him to find out why he is like that, and he reveals that he is not very good at winning the competition, much to everyone's surprise. Maudie realizes that every time Ezra is distracted or upset he looks on his tablet. She finds out that he is seeing someone sending bad comments about him in the videos on the agency's website. Kyle gets very angry and says so many good things about Ezra that makes Maudie realize that this is the reason. She decides to say that everyone should go and talk to Mr Barker, concluding that Ezra got bullied.

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Mr Barker, seeing the comments, is incredulous and concludes that whoever did this is insecure with himself and is envious, but also, according to Maudie, it is to prevent him from winning the competition. When she picks up the tablet, she shows that the comments started the same day they announced the finalists, whose person responsible is someone with the username Bumblebee2J88, and whoever did this is among the other finalists. Ava concludes that it was Jordan for being too thick with them when he saw them. However, Maudie disagrees, as he didn't know who and how they were until the performance, which leaves Harriet, much to everyone's confusion, since she was very kind to see the group, but she was also surprised to see Ezra, and as he is the reason they are in the competition, she felt threatened. Before Mr Barker could organize a conversation with her, Ava confronts Harriet and reveals her username in front of everyone, leading them to the shock, including Natasha, even though there might have been another way to deal with the situation.

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Harriet admitted that she wrote the comments, which made Natasha angry and disqualified her from the competition for her to learn that she only got to where she was with a lot of effort, and did not sabotage the presentation of the other competitors. The group did very well in the presentation, especially when Ezra played the tree and Kyle the cat, where the former does not remember agreeing to it, and that led them to win. Ezra was very happy, and in addition to the trophy, they have a year of photocopies at Office Maxi Mart. Kyle then shows the copies of some of his body parts, such as his feet, his ear, his face, his hands, etc., and the episode ends with Ava turning off the camera, considering this very long award.

Cast & Characters

Actor Character
Abby Bergman Ava Andrikides
Anna Cooke Maudie Miller
Aston Droomer Ezra Banks
Jamil Smyth-Secka Kyle Kilmson
Isabella Dymalovski Harriet Jacobi
Oscar Lidgerwood Jordan
Clarke Richards Mr. Barker
Jessica Redmayne Natasha



  • Australia
    • Unnamed Residential Area
      • Granny flat
      • Middle Primary School
      • Library


  • Young Small Business Competition


Report Details


Crime Details


Name Crime
Ezra Banks Someone was sending bad comments in the agency's website videos about Ezra, making him completely upset and nervous during rehearsals.


Name Motive
Jordan He was incredibly rude to the group upon meeting them due to their small size.


Name Motive
Harriet Jacobi She felt threatened by Ezra's intelligence and wanted to win the Young Small business competition.



  • This is the first time in the season (and the second time in the series) that Ezra stars as a victim.
  • This episode was officially confirmed to be in production on November 26, 2018, as also the first episode of the second season being announced.[2]
  • It is revealed that the agency has a website, which they post their case reports about several crimes that they solved.
    • Also, Harriet Jacobi is one of the main fans of the agency and follows their website.

Cultural References

  • Ezra mentions the term schmoozing, which is the act of mingling or socialising in or at an event that you may feel less than comfortable.
  • In the library, the two posters shown for the new library books are Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Meltdown and Kensy and Max: Disappearing Act.
  • Harriet's username, Bumblebee2J88, is similar to the Bumblebee character from the Transformers franchise.


  • Ava is shown again with her hair down, which was first seen in "The Case of the Wrecked Rehearsal".
  • Ava and Kyle wore the same clothes they wore in "The Case of the Miraculous Mini Golfer".
  • The No Hat No Play rule is present again, previously seen in The Case of the Peculiar Pop Quiz, The Case of the Sad Little Sister and The Case of the Lousy Lunch Orders.
  • Ezra shows once again his excitement regarding events involving science and business, which was seen in "The Case of the Science Sabotage" and "The Case of the Tricky Trimathlon".
  • This episode references "The Case of the Extremely Empty Freezer", for big motives:
    • Ezra mentions the Office Maxi Mart, which was featured in this episode, as one of the main prizes to the winners of the Young Small Business Competition.
    • When Mr Barker sees Maudie, Ezra, Ava and Kyle and pretends he doesn't know them, Ava reveals all the events of that episode, that she had organised his 37th birthday party.
  • Ezra appears again with his phone which was first saw in "The Case of the Pestering Prank Caller".
  • When Ezra appears looking at her phone and pays no attention to Ava's speech, the boxes that were first seen in "The Case of the Turtle Thief" are seen again on the shelf.
  • In the scene that Ava starts to encourage Ezra to overcome his nervousness, the same instrumental used in "The Case of the Lousy Lunch Orders" is played.
  • Kyle demonstrates once again reacting to very well made jokes and translating what they meant, seen for the first time in "The Case of the Turtle Thief".

Blooper Reels


Blooper Reel - Goof Tapes - The Inbestigators

The blooper reels are seen in this video.

  • When Abby (Ava) starts to put the jar of salt on something, the lid ends up falling off, causing the entire salt to drop completely.