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"Seriously Maudie? The mad professor is obviously a boy, had you even seen the movie?"
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Savannah: She stole my speech!


"The Case of the Copy Cat" is the 4th episode of the second season of The InBESTigators, and the 24th overall.


Ava is selected to deliver a speech at the town hall, but when she is accused of stealing it, Maudie must prove her innocence.


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The episode starts at Granny Flat, where Maudie presents herself during another case report together with Kyle, who says they solved a new case and decides to leave, but Maudie tells him to come back, in which Kyle says he wants to go home from Mario to see a handball marathon, where Maudie says Ezra is at the piano and she wants him to help her report the case about Ava, where Kyle says it had happened 5 years ago, in the winter, however, Maudie does that it actually happened last night, where Kyle finally remembers which Ava story Maudie was referring to.

Soon after, the story begins to melt in the town hall, where Maudie, Ezra and Kyle go there, as Ava was participating in a committee of future community leaders, and she was representing Middle Primary School on the committee. When they get there, they see Ava talking to the mayor, and they start to consider her a real future leader, but she screams with excitement when she sees them, where she started to act like an 11-year-old girl, especially since she had many important people there, where Ava would give a speech to the city hall. Ava reveals she is very nervous and is gradually more desperate, but Maudie asks her to take a deep breath and asks if she felt better, but before Ava could interrupt, the waiter interrupts saying that important moments make him nervous, even though he is not one. future leader, only in fact, the future leaders are children selected from various local schools by the prefecture to represent them as future leaders in Australia and every second, for a two-month period, they met in the prefecture and worked on a speech about how they would change the world, and then the day came to hear them.

Cast & Characters

Actor Character
Anna Cooke Maudie Miller
Aston Droomer Ezra Banks
Abby Bergman Ava Andrikides
Jamil Smyth-Secka Kyle Klimson
Laura Dunemann Mayor
Eloise Isaac Savannah Gonzalez
James Saunders Mr. Henry McGillick
Zuleika Khan Emma
Sasha Turinui Dionne
Dylan Murphy Waiter




  • Savannah's notebook


Report Details


Crime Details


Name Crime
Ava Andrikides She is accused by Savannah Gonzalez of having stolen her speech in front of everyone.


Name Motive
Savannah Gonzalez Savannah was jealous of Ava due to her popularity during the lectures, because she made cupcakes, tote bags and T-shirts, and thought it was all a competition.



  • This episode is the first where features a person being accused of a crime that they did not commit, which is the main focus of the second season.
  • This is the third episode that Ava is featured as a victim.
  • The episode title, "The Case of the Copy Cat", is the second to feature a short title, being the first episode "The Case of the Turtle Thief".
  • Ava's actress, Abby Bergman, considered the episode her favourite "because I loved the message it gave โ€” it was so inspiring."[1]
  • Savannah's full name is seen on her future leader identification badge.
  • This episode also proves that the series is set on Australia, on the Town Hall, as the country flag is shown.

Cultural References

  • One of the students is shown wearing the same uniform as the ones worn in the show Little Lunch, by the creators of The InBESTigators.
  • Savannah's last name, Gonzalez, is a common surname in several Spanish or Latin countries.
  • Ava being so nervous to her speech is similar to the character Ash Ketchum from the series Pokรฉmon, during its 20th season Pokรฉmon: Sun & Moon, as in an episode, he felt nervous to make a speech for the Pokรฉmon School.


  • Ava hugs Maudie for the second time, whose first time was seen in "The Case of the Curious New Girl".
  • Next episodes of the second season portray the same crime that occurred in this episode:
    • "The Case of the Burgled Bags": When Gary, the school's lollipop man, is accused of stealing bags from parents' cars, Kyle is devastated and determined to clear his name.
    • "The Case of the Fishy Fundraiser": Amelia resents her fundraising cupcake stall being upstaged by a lemonade stall, so when things go sour, Amelia is accused of sabotage.
    • "The Case of the Unhappy Camper": When Mr McGillick's phone goes missing at the Grade Five camp, Kyle is accused of hiding it as part of a prank.


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