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"Seriously Maudie? The mad professor is obviously a boy, had you even seen the movie?"
This article contains spoilers. We recommend that you watch the series before reading this article, or if it is not possible, read it at your own risk.

"The Case of the Big Mouth Challenge" is the sixth episode of The InBESTigators.


Ben, the new boy, seems lonely so Maudie and Ezra sit with him at lunchtime. Ben’s not very good at making friends, or conversation, but after Ezra discovers Ben can fit an entire Disc Chockey – a very large chocolate biscuit - in his mouth without breaking it, Ben is suddenly the most popular boy in school. His fame only grows when he mounts the Disc Chockey Challenge to see who else can do his trick, but watching the competition makes Maudie feel suspicious.


Ava, along with Maudie, begins yet another case report from the Inbestigators, while they are doing a review for a first aid test. The case happened when Miss Tan introduced everyone to the new student at the school, Ben. Everyone was very welcoming, welcoming him, but he does not feel welcomed, but very sad. Ezra explains that the reason for this was because he had been studying at school for a long time and he should have been in the sixth grade, since during that time, he was a year ahead. The whole class is surprised when Miss Tan comments that Ben was living in other countries in the world, such as Denmark, Colombia, Indonesia and the United States, and finally returned to Australia, because his parents wanted him to socialize with the other children. However, during the break, Ben showed difficulty in getting along with others during the break, and he was sitting alone, with no one to talk to.

So, Ezra and Maudie decided to sit down with him and asked several questions about his life, however, they noticed that Ben didn't talk much. While taking his lunch, Ben reveals a Disk Chockey, which leaves Ezra surprised and Maudie confused about what a Disk Chockey is, much to their shock, including Ava's, which consists of two round-shaped chocolate cookies glued by sticky marshmallow, and what pleases Maudie is that Ben finally started talking and got along very well with Ezra when explaining everything about Disk Chockeys to him. Soon after, Ben separates the cookies and does something that both Maudie and Ezra shocked: he puts a half in his mouth and removes it without breaking, making Maudie think it was completely disgusting and individualistic on his part, but Ezra was clearly being the opposite: he started to be completely impressed, but he was not the only one.

Kyle, the boys on his team and the girls in the fifth grade class are impressed to see Ben putting the Disk Chockey in his mouth, however, Ava was not extending the fun of it, either, as was Maudie. Soon, Kyle starts to consider him his new best friend and also wants to try it, but he remembers that since Disk Chockeys are sweet, the parents don't accept that they take this for lunch, which surprises Ben, due to the fact that eat every day, which leaves everyone surprised. After seeing Ben do it so many times, everyone gets bored, including Kyle, but before he leaves, Ben decides to challenge Kyle that if he puts the disk chockey he brings in the next day without breaking it, he could get Disk Chockeys from him for a whole month. However, Ezra starts to get involved, since he was with Ben long before Kyle, and Ben replies that if Kyle lost, it would be his turn, but otherwise, he would wait a whole month until the promise he made Kyle end.

Cast & Characters

Actor Character
Anna Cooke Maudie Miller
Aston Droomer Ezra Banks
Abby Bergman Ava Andrikides
Jamil Smyth-Secka Kyle Klimson
Luka Pajic Ben
Bailey McMillian-Power Justin
Ayiana Ncube Ruby
Matilda Hardwick Caitlin
Zakariah Rahhalli Mario
Ethan Pham Diet
Zac Mineo James




  • Disk Chockey Challenge



Report Details


Crime Details


Name Crime
Grade 5 Nobody was managing to win the Disk Chockey Challenge.


Name Motive
Ben He thought that if he prolonged the Disk Chockey Challenge, he would be able to make friends with everyone.



  • This is the first time where Maudie is not seen with her notebook.
  • This is the first episode that has more than one writer, and makes the debut of Lisa Marie Corso, Molly Daniels and Jayden Masciulli.
  • This is the first episode where all the Grade 5 students acts as victims of the crime, except Maudie and Ava, which were not participating from the Disk Chockey Challenge.

Cultural References

  • Maudie mentions the pink dolphin, a type of dolphin that is commonly found in South American countries, such as Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, among others.
    • It also makes reference to the legend of the pink dolphin, which is part of Brazilian folklore.
  • Ben makes a similarity to the characters Connie Masheswaran, from Steven Universe, and Hannah Bradford, from First Day, due to his difficulty in socialising with the other children.
  • Miss Tan mentions some other countries like Denmark, Colombia, Indonesia and United States as the places where Ben was living until get back to Australia.


  • Ben's shock due to Maudie's affirmation that what he had done was disgusting and that she never known about the Disc Chockey is similar to Kyle's shock after Maudie tells that his diorama wasn't good enough in "The Case of the Missing Solar System".

Blooper Reels

  • A scene that was not shown in the episode, Abby (Ava) and Anna (Maudie) try to turn off the camera, but fail because they are completely bandaged.