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"Seriously Maudie? The mad professor is obviously a boy, had you even seen the movie?"
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Savannah Gonzalez is a minor antagonist of The InBESTigators, introduced in the second season. She is portrayed by Eloise Isaac.

During her first appearance, Savannah was chosen to represent her school in the Future Leaders programme, and seeing how Ava was doing so well during the lectures, she became jealous and this led to copying Ava's speech to look like it was hers, whose goal was incriminating Ava in front of the town hall, however, Maudie eventually discovers her plan, clearing Ava, and as a punishment, Savannah was expelled from the committee.




Season 2

The Case of the Copy Cat

Savannah, in this episode, was chosen as a future leader representing her school. She participates in all the lectures, and seeing all of them, she is surprised by Ava, mainly because she made cupcakes, t-shirts and bath bags, and starts to develop jealousy about it. Savannah is more surprised when Ava finishes her speech and then she goes to the printer to print the speech. Soon, Savannah stays in the lookout hall, to see if Dionne comes back from the bathroom, and then, she took that time to get the first copy of Ava's speech and quickly returned to where she was, where Ava saw her, and realized that the speech disappeared, but she thought she hadn't printed it, and the same back. Savannah, during the other weeks, began to copy Ava's speech in her notebook to pretend it was hers every Monday, including June 12, which was a national holiday, and they had no workshop.

During the day of the final lecture at City Hall, Savannah then meets with all future leaders in the hall for everyone to hear the speeches, starting with Ava, and then, as part of the plan, Savannah, on hearing, is concerned, and when Ava finishes the speech, she interrupts saying that she had stolen her speech, which shocks everyone. Ava does not understand and then, the Mayor interrupts, saying that it may be a mistake, and for the two of them to go along with her, where Maudie, Ezra and Kyle were incredulous.



Ava Andrikides

Since the first lecture of future leaders at the city hall where she met Ava, Savannah was jealous of how much Ava was becoming recognized at the lectures for her creativity, and especially for making cupcakes, t-shirts, and bath bags, where she started to find that all that was a competition for her. In order to try to destroy Ava's popularity, Savannah stole her speech and copied every Monday to pretend it was her speech.

On the day of the lecture, while listening to Ava's speech, she finally accused her of stealing her speech in front of everyone, where she started to turn as if she was very upset with Ava and asks why she did it, where Ava didn't he knew what she was talking about, even though he swore she didn't get her speech, including Mr. McGillick, who believed that Ava wouldn't be able to steal things from others. Then, upon discovering that Savannah had stolen her speech, Ava was angry to see that she accused her of theft in front of everyone, where she finally assumes her jealousy, and upon finally realizing the true value of the committee, Savannah regrets for her actions, and even then, she was expelled from the committee.