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Sarah Banks is a minor character on The InBESTigators. She is portrayed by Frances Wang, and is the mother of Ezra Banks and Poppy Banks, the wife of Daniel Banks, and the daughter or in law of Rosemary.



Season 1

The Case of the Curious New Girl

Sarah, in this episode, talks to Mr. McGillick to give Ezra a special project that encourages him, where Mr. McGillick reveals to Ezra that he is in charge of looking after the new student at the school.



Ezra Banks

Ezra is Sarah's first child. Ezra's interest in business and technical things makes her consider him a boy with a busy mind, leading her to ask Mr McGillick to give her son a special project. During the work of the investigation agency led by Ezra, she usually interrupts him by sending him into the house for dinner or even asks Poppy to do favors for Ezra, interrupting him in the process.



  • Sarah is the first mentioned character of the series.
  • Sarah is the most mentioned character in the series, one of these mentioned are her kids, Ezra and Poppy Banks.
  • Its unknown if she is Rosemary's daughter on daughter in law.