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Sadie is a minor character in The InBESTigators. She is portrayed by Amberly Cull.


Sadie, when she lost her purse, proved to be selfish, rude and arrogant, demonstrating this when she accused Gary of having stolen her bag and said bad things about him, and also interrupted Maudie, who was trying to tell the truth. After discovering it was Barney, Sadie feels shaken and even apologizes for accusing Gary, and at the same time, for being rude with fifth graders.



At some point, Sadie started a sports equipment store and started delivering equipment to Middle Primary School.

Season 2

The Case of the Burgled Bags




I'm so sorry. I said terrible things and accused you... that was so unfair.

—Sadie apologizing to Gary in "The Case of the Burgled Bags"

Sadie, during his first appearance, began to be very antagonistic with Gary when she accused him of stealing her bag, and this also reflected on Kyle, who led him to defend him. However, after Maudie found out it was Barney because of the new retractable collar, Sadie felt guilty for accusing Gary and he forgives her.

Kyle Klimson

Kyle was angry at Sadie when she accused Gary of stealing her purse, making him defend Gary in every way possible.

Maudie Miller

Sadie, initially, did not take even a word from Maudie because she was an 11-year-old child, and interrupted her several times. However, she felt guilty about it when Maudie proved to be sure that it was not Gary, but Barney.