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Ramona is a minor character of The InBESTigators. She is portrayed by Lily Hall.




Ava Andrikides

During meetings to prepare for the Coins for a Cure fundraiser, Ava was irritated with Ramona, since she was always distracted looking at the tablet and had no idea for a fundraiser. However, after Ramona pretended to be a real fortune teller (she took pictures from Ava's event planner), Ava stopped being angry and accepted Ramona's idea of making a divination booth, and this caused a conflict between her and Ezra, who thought Ramona is a fraud. After Maudie proved this, Ava was upset and complained to Mr McGillick, who gave Ramona two detention: one for not respecting people's privacy and another for making Kyle think he had a brother who didn't exist.

Ezra Banks

Ezra was responsible for giving Ramona the idea of being a fortune teller in the Coins for Cure fundraiser, and that finally made her feel useful at the event. However, when he saw Ramona's popularity in relation to the divination booth, Ezra thought she was a fraud and pretended to be a fortune teller, which caused a conflict between her and Ava, who thought the opposite of his opinion of Ramona. After Maudie proved that Ramona was a complete phoney, Ezra finally felt certain that there are no real fortune tellers.