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Poppy Banks is a recurring character on The InBESTigators. She is portrayed by Eliza Ong, and is Ezra Banks' younger sister. She is also the founder of the InBESTigators Junior Division.



Season 1

The Case of the Missing Solar System

Ezra turning off the camera after failing to send Poppy away from the office.

Poppy, in her first appearance, interrupts Ezra while he was reporting the case that Pixie says her solar system diorama has disappeared, but no one believes it, with the aim of taking back the cereal that Ezra had taken and did not place. returns, at the behest of her mother, Sarah, however, she decides to stay to listen to Ezra telling the case, where Ezra tries to send her away, without success. At the end of the case, Poppy says she wants to be like Maudie when she grows up, where Ezra tells her to leave, but she insists that they could talk a little more about Maudie, however, Ezra turns off the camera.

The Case of the Spoiled Sports Day

The Case of the Exciting Excursion

The Case of the Suspect Sprinkler

The Case of the Science Sabotage

The Case of the Sad Little Sister

Season 2

The Case of the Puzzling Pet Day

The Case of the Rosemary Riddle

The Case of the Problematic Party

The Case of the Fishy Fundraiser

It was Poppy's first time reporting the case, but she accidentally did it due to Ezra saying she couldn't report the case, but she heard that she could report it.

The Case of the Triple Inbestigation