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Pixie Jones is a recurring character in The InBESTigators. She is portrayed by Hana Leigh Struckett.


Pixie, in the series, is shown as a girl who forgets everything, because she has a bad memory, which makes her forget to do her homework, and also made her forget to go to the pyjama party at Amelia's house and also forget to hand over her rock climbing excursion permission slip to Miss Tan. Also, Pixie is quite confused about what Maudie talks about during cases, where she sometimes doesn't know what people are talking about.



At some point in childhood, she met Ava Andrikides and they became best friends.

Season 1

The Case of the Missing Solar System

Pixie leaving her diorama in the classroom.

Pixie first appeared on "The Case of the Missing Solar System" as a victim. Pixie ended up arriving late at school, as always, during the day of delivery of the solar system dioramas, at 9.15, leaving her diorama in the room and going to the park for PE. 10 minutes later, Justin arrived in the room and took Pixie's diorama to modify it and pretend it was his. In addition, Justin also threw away the ninth planet, Sagittarius, and tore off the earrings to stick to his ear so they wouldn't discover that he had picked up and modified someone else's diorama. Sagittarius was found by Amelia in the garden near the window of the visual arts room, while she was in Physical Education, and did not know that it was a part of Pixie's diorama.

Pixie asking where's her diorama.

After Physical Education, during class, Miss Tan asks Pixie where she left her diorama, and when showing where she put it, she finally realizes that her diorama is missing, however, Miss Tan doesn't believe her because she always forgets. Ava defends her, even though she hasn't seen Pixie's diorama. Amelia already, concludes that Pixie hadn't done it and asks Miss Tan to give her detention, but Miss Tan refuses the request and when asking if someone saw Pixie with the diorama, everyone concludes that didn't see her with the diorama, therefore, it only remains to interrogate Justin, due to the fact that he arrived minutes after Pixie, already the same mind saying that he arrived at the end of Physical Education and did not see her diorama, so Amelia concludes that she did not. Maudie asks Pixie what the diorama was like, saying it was pink painted planets, along with a pink rubber ball, which is the ninth planet, Sagittarius, concluding that she mistook a little astronomy for astrology, and she also wore earrings in the ear like stars, since she never wore them, and Amelia is very angry that she gave Pixie the diamanté earrings.

Pixie accusing Amelia of taking her diorama.

During the break, Kyle hands Pixie Sagittarius, the ninth planet of her model, and soon Ava reveals that it was Amelia who found the ball, which causes Pixie to accuse Amelia of taking her model, all because she wanted it Pixie got in trouble with the teacher. Maudie, however, says that Amelia was in Physical Education with the other students and then, Amelia shows, at Pixie's request, that she had found the ball near the art room window, saying that even though Pixie was not pyjama party at her house, it wouldn't be a reason for her to get the model. After that, Pixie and Amelia are reconciled and hug, leaving the boys disgusted. Soon, Maudie sees that someone threw the ball out of the art room window. So, Amelia, together with The InBESTigators and Pixie, follows Maudie to the art room and there are the earrings that stick to the ear that Amelia gave and also that the person painted the planets, except Sagittarius, who had thrown out the window, everything in order to pretend that the model was his, seeing that this person owned the model that was found in the trash because she didn't think it was good. Soon, they go to the fifth year class, concluding that the culprit is Justin, who then reveals that the other models he had made were the parents who had made them. As a punishment, Justin had to redo Pixie's model, with Amelia, Ava and Pixie assisting him, where he promises he will never steal again.

The Case of the Sleepover Secret

Pixie together with Amelia, Ruby, Esther, Caitlin and Max, go to the slumber party at Ava's house. During the party, Pixie starts to act strange and seems nervous, because she is putting a lot of gloss on her mouth. During the party, Pixie, along with the others, vote for which mermaid movie they should watch and hand it over to Ava, soon after, Amelia appears and is angry to see that they all voted for the movie without her, where Ava, after telling them to stay in silence, he sees that Pixie was putting more gloss on his mouth. Soon after, Ava, Pixie and the others went to take a group selfie, where Max complains why she can't be in the middle, that's because Pixie is in the middle, and Amelia appears in her pyjamas and is angry to notice that they all took a selfie in a group without her, where Ava said she would take another one, so Pixie takes her cell phone and gloss and goes to the kitchen, where Ava finds her at the table, and Pixie says she will text her because she would cry if she said it out loud.

Pixie takes a deep breath and glosses over before typing her password, which leaves her fingerprints dirty as she types, and then sends the message to Ava saying her parents are getting divorced, where Ava replies that she was sorry, and Pixie tells her promise not to tell anyone. Soon after, Caitlin and Ruby go to the kitchen to pick up snacks for the movie and Pixie is startled to see them and accidentally drops her cell phone. Caitlin takes it to her, where it looks like she saw the message, but didn't see why she was without her glasses, and Pixie and Ava decide to stop writing for a while. Soon after, when they continue to write, Amelia appears and how rude it would be to send a message in front of her, they hung up in front of her, and soon asked what they are doing, where they say they are not doing anything, making Amelia think that two were texting her.

To cover it up, Ava gives Pixie a fish braid and Esther arrives making fishbone in her own hair, and soon the two go to Ava's bedroom and Esther arrives, where she leaves their cell phones with Amelia in the kitchen and they laugh so loud that Max screams for them to laugh softly because she is reading her book, and Amelia took advantage of the situation to invade Pixie's cell phone to see what they were talking about and is shocked to see that they were talking about the divorce of the Pixie's parents and Pixie appears in the kitchen and overhears Amelia saying that she was sorry for her parents' divorce. Pixie, upon hearing this, gets angry and packs her things and soon, Ava, during the film, realizes that she is not and sees her leaving, angry, thinking that Ava had told her secret to Amelia. Over the next few days, Pixie gradually avoided contacting Ava, where Amelia, on Monday, when Pixie refused to lend her stick glue to Ava saying she told her secret, Amelia finally realizes that she did something wrong, and it put so much pressure on her that it made it hard to tell the truth to Pixie.

The Case of the Exciting Excursion

Pixie remembering that she had forgotten her permission slip.

A day before the grade 5 rock climbing excursion, Pixie, along with Kyle and Mario, forget to bring their permission slips before the last day before the excursion. Pixie ends up remembering this when Miss Tan mentions that she did not receive her permission slip. So, Pixie promises to bring it the next day. On the day of the excursion, she gives her permission slip and goes to the line, where Mario arrives and takes the folder with all Miss Tan's permission slips and hides it in his tub.

The Case of the Peculiar Pop Quiz

Pixie is mentioned to be one of the lunch order collectors, along with Ava.

Season 2

The Case of the Concert Catastrophe



Ava Andrikides

Amelia Fitzgerald

Pixie is one of Amelia's friends. During their first appearance, she began to be antagonistic with Pixie because she always forgot to do her homework and because of that, she concluded that Pixie had not made the model of the solar system and even asked Miss. Tan to put her in detention, however, Pixie started to think that it was she who had taken her model to make her get in trouble because she had forgotten to go to her pajama party and also for not having used her earrings to stick on.[CN 1] on the ear she had given for her birthday, but Amelia did not know that she had used it on the model, which led Maudie to conclude that she is innocent. Amelia, after showing where she found Sagittarius, hugged Pixie as an apology for trying to get her punished.

"The Case of the Sleepover Secret" showed Amelia feeling left out at the pajama party at Ava's house because everyone did things without her, like voting for the mermaid movie they were going to watch and taking a picture of the group. Soon, Amelia started to think that Pixie was texting Ava about her after she went to the kitchen, so when she was left with only two cell phones, Amelia decided to break into Pixie's cell phone and found out that her parents were divorcing. , and when she told Pixie, she started to think that Ava had told Amelia her secret, making her not to contact her. Amelia was feeling bad at school after realizing that it was all a secret between the two, and was afraid to tell the truth.



  • Her name is similar to the Pixie Cut, a hair style.


  1. Amelia: "Of Course she didn't do it, Miss Tan. Pixie never does her work!" - "The Case of the Missing Solar System"