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Mrs. Helen Parides is a recurring character on The InBESTigators. She is portrayed by Madeline Jevic, and is the P.E. teacher at Middle Primary School.



Season 1

The Case of the Missing Solar System

During this episode, Mrs Parides plays, together with the year 5s in P.E. class, a softball match. Soon, when Justin arrives with his model, Mrs. Parides, seeing that the class is over, tells everyone to keep the ball, however, Kyle insists that he can take another shot while Maudie watches Justin, who was heading towards the bathroom.

Season 2

The Case of the Concert Catastrophe

Mrs Parides, in this episode, interrupts the crowd around Max, who was completely scared of the crowd due to her fear, and Mrs Parides reminds Kyle that Max is afraid of large crowds and tells everyone to leave, and soon causes Max to calm down, where Maudie finally realizes that she has to contain her excitement.

The Case of the Vanishing Koalas

In this episode, while Maudie was talking to Charlotte, Mrs Parides interrupts with her whistle, where she was stopping a fight between Mario and James, where Mario reveals that James caught his Kakow Koalas, where Mrs Parides is shocked to hear this.