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Mrs. Maniaci is a recurring character on The InBESTigators. She is portrayed by Marita Wilcox.


Maria Maniaci is described as a hot, desperate and impatient old woman in many ways, and she is also confused by what The InBESTigators are talking about. She is also often a victim of the series' cases, and this leads her to accuse someone without evidence, especially as she did twice with Ezra, once that she was playing prank calls and that the roses were completely flooded by the sprinkler, and the latter The crime also led her to accuse Mr Henderson and Jenny of the fact that they were her rivals during the Annual Neville Garden of the Year Competition, on account of M. Maniaci having won the prize seven times in a row (eight times after the episode).

Her irritation or annoyance is shown mainly when she speaks Italian because she was born in Italy (according to Ezra), this is demonstrated in the episode The Case of the Suspect Sprinkler, where she is upset that she has to go to a relative's wedding in Mount Gambier, SA during preparations for the competition and for her sprinkler to be sabotaged. In spite of this, Mrs.Maniaci is a very skilled woman in gardening and is also very kind in that she lets the children pick up her strawberries or other fruits in her garden, but she shows her rigid behaviour when someone touches her roses, which she hates it for being the reason she won Neville's Annual Garden of the Year Competition eight times in a row.

Mrs. Maniaci also does everything to apologize to others after she accuses someone without proof, after they prove they are innocent, and even does delicious things like apologizing, especially making a rhubarb pie for Ezra and a sauce to Bolognese with meatballs to apologise to Mr Henderson for accusing him of messing her sprinkler.


Season 1

The Case of the Pestering Prank Caller

Mrs. Maniaci, in this episode, received a free quote from Franklin Cube starting on Monday. Then, during that week, she started to be a victim of Luka's prank calls, whose goal was to force her to buy the franklin's cube, and because of that, she always misses her favorite soap opera. On Thursday, Mrs. Maniaci, when she tries to watch a next chapter of her favorite soap opera, she ends up being the victim of Luka's prank once again, and when she heard him sneeze, she started to think it was Ezra, and furious, goes to the office and accuses him, and he can't understand anything. Mrs. Maniaci, when she is interviewed by Maudie, says that she thinks it was Ezra because the person who called her sneezed twice. Mrs. Maniaci, after understanding that it was not Ezra, promises him that if they catch the culprit, she will make a ruibardo pie for him. When the investigation begins and upon discovering that the victims are hosts to the Franklin Cube's free budget, Ms. Maniaci is interviewed once again and confirms that she had received the budget, officially confirming Maudie's theory of telephone prank calls.

The Case of the Suspect Sprinkler

Mrs. Maniaci is getting ready for her eighth victory at the Neville Annual Garden Competition, however, everything seems to be lost when she realizes that she will have to go to her brother-in-law's wedding, however, it was in Mount Gambier, making the situation worse. Maudie and Ezra, while arriving from school, see Mrs. Maniaci talking to herself, and when asked what it was, she starts to speak Italian, demonstrating that she is upset, revealing that she will be away for a long time and has to wet her roses. Maudie suggests installing an automatic sprinkler to water as much as she wants. Mrs. Maniaci buys a sprinkler and leaves Maudie and Ezra to program it. Her rivals, Jenny and Mr Henderson, arrive to see what they are doing and end up accidentally drenched. Mrs. Maniaci says they shouldn't be spying and reveals that she will go to Mount Gambier and the sprinkler will water her garden while she is away. After programming the sprinkler correctly, Mrs. Maniaci goes to the wedding in Mount Gambier and when she arrives, she sees that roses are completely flooded.

Mrs. Maniaci goes to the inbestigators' office, completely upset, and speaking Italian, I meant that the roses were flooded by the sprinkler. Soon, they will see and notice that she was not exaggerating. Mrs. Maniaci blames Ezra for this, thinking he set the wrong timer. Then, Maudie notes that they had programmed to water until 4:30 pm, but someone had tampered with the timer and programmed it to water the roses for 42 hours. Mrs. Maniaci is very upset and then, mad, she goes to Mr Henderson's house and accuses him of doing this, and he says he was at Bote-a on Saturday, and he says he got home at 6:30 pm, and as the sprinkler was tampered with at 16:32 pm, it was concluded that it was not him, but she started to go to Jenny's house to accuse her, but Ava remembers that she was arriving from work at 5:30pm in the afternoon. So, Mrs. Maniaci is confused as to who is responsible, and Maudie says it was Amelia. So, Mrs. Maniaci goes to her and starts arguing with her, until Maudie explains that she did it without realizing it. So, Amelia apologizes to her, but Mrs. Maniaci accepts without problems, however, orders everyone to go pick up a rum bucket and get the rose water, and because of that, she once again won the Neville Annual Garden Competition, but not the fertilizer.

Season 2

The Case of the Freaky Frequency

The inbestigators' were heading to the ice-cream shop and then Mrs. Maniaci suddenly appeared in front of them saying "Inbestigators!" clearly upset. She said that her doorbell was broken, and Ava assumed that she wanted to find the people who were ding-dong ditching her, but Mrs. Maniaci didn't want to find the kids, but the doorbell. Maudie told Mrs. Maniaci that we were a investigator company, not a technician fixer, but Mrs. Maniaci suggested that Ezra could fix the doorbell, as she thinks that he's really good with the technology



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