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Mr Barker's Pop Quiz is an weekly annual event in The InBESTigators, run by Mr Barker, in which the winner (the team with the most wins at the end of the term) goes to the Pancake Palace. It's first appearance was "The Case of the Peculiar Pop Quiz".


The class is divided into teams, and one of those teams is chosen to answer any questions he asks. Then, the members who will answer the question will be holding a board and a marker pilot to write the answer, whose questions are asked by alternatives, which consists of subjects such as science, maths, English, history and sport. After writing the answer, they saw the board and Mr Barker points out who got it right. The team, when it answers a question, wins a point, and whoever has the highest score until the last game will be taken to the Pancake Palace.

Known Teams

Competitors Points Result
Kelly's Team Unknown Won
0 Disqualified for cheating