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Miss Tan is an recurring character on The InBESTigators. She is portrayed by Maria Angelico.


Miss Tan proves to be quite proud of her teaching position. She is very kind to her students, and she is also quite untied by the fact that she let the papers be blown away by the wind and the fact that she does not know how to handle the ceramic lathe. In addition, she also demonstrates a legacy of losing many things, where everyone was not even surprised when she said that the authorizations were not in her folder.

Despite that, Miss Tan also proves to be quite rigid and at times very angry with her students if she sees them doing something wrong, like putting a Disc Choccy in their mouth without breaking like Ben, and is also impatient when her students were taking a long time to line up for fire training and want her students to always stay focused, and because of that, he sets strict rules, especially that of Not Talking About January Valentines in the Classroom.


Season 1

The Case of the Curious New Girl

On her first appearance, Miss Tan, during recess, leaves several paper leaves that she was taking to be blown away and calls all her students to help her collect, so Billy was the only one who was not there to help.

The Case of the Missing Solar System

Season 2

The Case of the Incridible Fortune Teller

Miss Tan, during the Coins for a Cure event, goes to Maudie's Mystery Taste Test to sample some of Maudie's combinations. Maudie prepares to give a combination of seafood, however, Miss Tan reveals to be allergic, making her change. Soon, Miss Tan begins to hear Ava's voice, but is silenced when Maudie puts the spoon in her mouth, as she was feeling distraught by Ezra and Ava.

The Case of the Unhappy Camper
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In this episode, Miss Tan, along with Grade 5, Mr. McGillick and Mrs Parides, go to Grade 5 Camp. A little while earlier, she had said that it was forbidden to take tablets or cell phones to the camp, but allowed them to carry books, however, Kyle had thought that she said the opposite in relation to books. She, along with the students and the other teachers, was being victimized by Kyle's pranks, one of which was that Kyle placed a rubber snake in the middle of the tug of war, causing students to loosen the rope and at the same time, made Miss Tan, Mr. McGillick and Mrs Parides fall into the mud. During dinner, when getting more food, Miss Tan ends up being once again the victim of one of Kyle's pranks, in which he put flour on the benches, causing her, Mrs Parides and Mr. McGillick to keep their butts dirty with flour. and everyone started laughing.