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Miranda is a recurring character of The InBESTigators. She is portrayed by Milla Bishop.


Miranda, in her first appearance, was in the background of "The Case of the Missing Solar System" and seen walking out the classroom when the others told Miss Tan that they needed to investigate what happened to Pixie's diorama. in "The Case of the Wrecked Rehearsal" Miranda is proved to be arrogant, selfish and thinks she is superior and better than all others, just because she was in a cuddles detergent commercial, thinking she is world famous, besides being rude and better for any lead role. She is also quite envious, mainly for the fact that Esther played the main role of the grade 5 play, leading to being accused by Kyle of pushing Esther, since she really wanted the main role, and even then, Maudie denied it was her.


Miranda has long blond hair reaching down to her back, tied in a ponytail, with blue eyes and white skin.


Miranda, during her first school appearance, wore a light blue long-sleeved shirt with a dark blue zippered vest and the school symbol on the right, dark blue pants and black shoes with white socks. In "The Case of the Unhappy Camper", during a flashback, she wore a gingham dress with light blue and white prints over a white long-sleeved polo and dark blue pants.

Other Outfits

During the Grade 5 Play, Miranda wore a black dress with a white apron, a light hat, dark blue socks that reach up to her thighs and black shoes.



Miranda, sometime before the series' events, was in a Cuddles detergent advertisement, and gained a lot of theatre knowledge, but at the same time, began to consider herself world famous for the commercial. In addition, Miranda started taking theatre classes and also participated in a fantasy event called History Day.

Season 1

The Case of the Wrecked Rehearsal

In this episode, Miranda participated in the fifth grade play playing the cleaning lady. However, she was not pleased but rather jealous that Esther was chosen for the lead role and so Miranda tried to get Ava to take Esther on paper and put her in place, but Ava refused, and threatened to get her out of the play if she continues to complain about her role. During the rehearsal rehearsal, Esther sprains her ankle, and Miranda, Pixie and Diet become the main suspects, since they were close to the victim. Kyle accuses Miranda of doing this because she really wants the lead role, but Maudie denies it was her. After Maudie reveals that Esther had pretended to sprain her ankle, Miranda apologizes to Esther for making her think she is not good for the role.

Season 2

The Case of the Puzzling Pet Day

Miranda, in this episode, wanted to be one of the people participating in the commercial, and the day before filming, Miranda asked if she would have HMU (Hair and Makeup). As she didn't have a dog, Miranda had to get one to pretend it was hers, this being Cookie, her neighbor's greyhound. As she was unable to find a guide, which is very necessary, Miranda decided to use a pink ribbon to bring him to school. Upon arriving at school, she surprises everyone, including Amelia, who also has a greyhound named Loopy. Maudie and Ezra didn't have time to write down the details before the tests started. So, they notice that Miranda's speech is similar to Amelia's, but it had a charming effect. In addition, she makes up a lie that the dog's name is cookie because he loves to eat cookies that are close to him. Soon, Miranda asked Maudie and Ezra to keep an eye on the cookie before filming, even though the finalists had not been announced. So, Maudie concludes that what Miranda says about Cookie loving cookies is a lie because Ezra offered a cookie, but he refused to eat.

Everyone announces Miranda as one of the finalists to make the commercial, however, Maudie and Ezra were unable to write down her mother's number. Miss Tan asks Miranda for her mother's number, where she says one that isn't even on the cookie's collar, because this is her neighbor's number, and lies saying that her mother changed her number. Miranda, while filming, would start first, along with Cookie, but the greyhound did not want to go on stage. Maudie then concludes that Cookie is not Miranda's dog and drags her off the stage, and says that the greyhound had been stolen, which left her offended. Maudie explains that one of the reasons for this was because Miranda had imitated Amelia's speech, she did not have a guide, that her omen for Cookie loving cookies was not true, and what really proved that she is not her greyhound was because he did not go up the stairs, and as she lives in an apartment, Cookie would not be able to go up the stairs, and also that she accidentally talked about where she picked up during the tests, in which he revealed that he said goodbye to Cookie, however, leaving her, concluding that Cookie lives in her neighbor. Miranda, disbelieving the story, tries to get back on stage, but is convinced to tell the truth when Maudie threatens to call the real owners of the dog. After telling the truth, Ezra and Maudie decided not to tell Miss Tan, as Mianda was going to be punished for missing the commercial, and was replaced by Amelia.



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