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Max is a recurring character of The InBESTigators. She is portrayed by Soraya Briggs.



Season 1

The Case of the Sleepover Secret

In this episode, Max is going to the slumber party at Ava's house as a celebration of the victory of the netball tournament final, where she is present in the photos, however, she ends up being jealous because she wanted to stay in the middle, however, Pixie is in the middle. Soon, when Ava realises that Amelia was left out of the photo, she asks Max to stay in the middle, so Pixie takes her cell phone and her gloss and goes to the living room.

Then, a few moments later, Max started reading the penultimate chapter of her favourite book on the side of Ava's room, where she and the girls were talking about their braids, and they started laughing a lot. Feeling disturbed by the noise, Max screams asking them to laugh quietly. Soon after, she appears at the time of the film with the other girls, except Pixie, who was leaving thinking that Ava told her secret.