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"Seriously Maudie? The mad professor is obviously a boy, had you even seen the movie?"
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Mario Rischitelli is a recurring character in The InBESTigators. He is portrayed by Zakariah Rahalli.


Mario is shown as a boy who always remembers to deliver something mandatory, that is, he never forgets to bring something, according to Kyle. He also has a disagreement with his nonna because she is overprotective, and because of that, she didn't want him to go on the excursion, which led him to hide the permission slips from all students in his drawer.

Mario is also a little thick sometimes, the only time he showed this personality was when he told James to see him eating his Kakow Koalas during the break, and it also led him to accuse James of taking his Kakow koalas. He also loves to eat anything, even though it is tasteless, like Charlotte's special training muffins as an excuse for picking up his Kakow Koalas.


Season 1

The Case of the Big Mouth Challenge

Mario appears for the first time in "The Case of the Big Mouth Challenge". He was impressed, along with the rest of the class, to see Ben put an entire disc chockey in his mouth without breaking. Mario becomes one of the participants in the competition invented by Ben to put the Disc Chockey in his mouth without breaking, however, he loses, along with all the participants.

The Case of the Exciting Excursion

Mario telling why he didn't handed his permission slip for the excursion.

During the episode, Mario stayed with his nonna while his parents were traveling and soon wanted to go on the climbing tour. So, your nonna didn't want him to go, thinking it was too dangerous. On the last day before the tour, Mario asks Miss Tan if it is safe enough, where she says yes. Therefore, when Miss Tan tells Mario that he did not give Miss Tan his authorization, Mario says that his nonna forgets to sign, all to disguise his problem. Mario, knowing it was safe, tries to convince his nonna to let him go on the tour, but she refused again.