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That makes sense.

—Kyle's most known quote.

Kyle Klimson is one of the main protagonists of The InBESTigators. He is portrayed by Jamil Smyth-Secka.


The Funny, Sporty One.

—Kyle's description on his bio image.

One example of Kyle's forgetting personality.

Kyle, during the series, is shown as a boy who has his own sense of entertainment, which assumes him to perform carelessly. He has a lot of energy and mainly has a humorous personality, due to the fact that he often interrupts other people to explain in his own way. During the investigations, he does not leave a strong mark on the case, as he forgets simplistic investigations and evidence that could be linked to the alleged suspect. During other environments, he forgets everything and always ends up distracted by things like food, where Kyle is a bottomless pit. His forgetting personality causes Kyle to bribe Ava so he can grab a cupcake or other things she sells in her cashless stall, and always forget to pay later.

Kyle after hitting Ezra.

Kyle, in most of his school appearances, is often playing a sport, like football, softball, etc. He loves a sport and has a great energy of legend, besides being very excited for a sports competition. His passion for sports means that he often ends up hitting Ezra with a ball in the head, be it from any sport. Physical education is one of the main reasons Kyle is often distracted, especially when he doesn't even care about his solar system model, and besides, Kyle is not very good at math, because he is always distracted by the subject of the question, as shown in "The Case of the Tricky Trimathlon". However, in the same episode, Kyle proved to everyone that he is good at math, which made James start to get jealous of him.

Kyle has at times shown himself to be very rude to people, where he always accuses someone without having evidence in the first place. Other cases that he showed to be rude was when he always says that Evan is not very good in football, mainly because he was comparing with Evan's twin brother, Owen, who is different from him, is very good in football and also showed to be very thick with Archie during the year 5 Camp, saying that he was afraid to sleep outside the house and mainly so he wouldn't throw up. He also proves to be very annoying, especially when he had to stay with Poppy in the tent and started to interrupt Maudie, Ava and Ezra from interrogating the girl, and he demonstrated that personality often in "The Case of the Unhappy Camper", which, In addition, he also proved to be very silly, something that nobody noticed in him, and mainly, playful and troublemaker, due to the fact that he was making pranks all the time, which caused Mr Mcgilick to accuse him of hiding his cell phone in the bucket of rice.

Despite this, Kyle feels bad for his rude actions towards people, mainly leading him to apologize for what he did and gradually begins to restore the confidence of his friends, and does not show to be very malicious in pranks, where he would never put Mr. Mcgilick's cell phone in the rice pot, because it wouldn't be a funny prank, but a nasty and annoying prank. Kyle also proves to be very friendly, especially with Ezra, in which the relationship between them is kind of strange, and he always defends and gets angry if someone says bad things about someone they know, especially when someone posted comments saying bad things about Ezra on The InBESTigators' website and also when Sadie accused Gary, the school guard, of stealing her purse.



Kyle normally wears the school uniform light blue polo shirt and shorts, often with the school vest or jumper over his shirt.




5 year old Kyle in kindy, portrayed by Austin Archer

Kyle came from the countryside of Australia. After moving to the city, Kyle ended up feeling sad and didn't even want to go to school, where he avoided talking to the other kids. He met Ava, in which he was very afraid of her, where she asked every detail of him. Soon, another day, Kyle refuses to cross the street to go to school, where his mother tries to raise him. Soon, he sees in the pocket of Gary, Middle Primary School's lollipop man, a chick, where he explains that he lost his mother and is taking special care and said that he could pet him if he crossed the street to go to school. Kyle crosses and caresses the chick, where Gary has been Kyle's main motivation since childhood.

He also met Ezra, who he befriended him, however, Ezra admits that he doesn't know why they are friends. A year before the events of the series and since his childhood, Kyle participated in the Middle Primary School athletics carnival, where he competed in all events that year, but the events he loves are racing events, where he participated in the 1500 metre dash, the 400 and the 200, but he loves the 100 metres, where he always gets first. Because of this, Kyle participated in the District Competition and last year, he was in third place.

On his 9th birthday, Kyle had his party at Scene of the Climb. On his 10th birthday, Kyle had his party at the Pancake Palace, where he had a lot of fun, especially where he tried to beat the record for nine pancakes, and he threw up in the process of eating so much.

Season 1

The Case of the Curious New Girl

Kyle is first seen in the episode playing football together with his team, where Billy accidentally kicks the ball at Ezra, and this makes Ezra think that it was Kyle who threw the ball at him, since he always throws balls at him while playing sports, but he reveals that it was Billy. Soon, he tells Billy that he must use cleats to play soccer, where Billy reveals that his mother does not give him cleats because he is not good at soccer. Kyle makes Billy sad when he reveals that he won't be able to enter the league without boots, and to cheer him up, he decides to buy two cupcakes from Ava's tent, but without money, but Ava refuses saying that she won't have cupcakes without any money, but Kyle kept arguing with her, trying to convince her, to no avail.

Soon, Kyle appears again, however, in the room, where he accidentally gives Ezra a hefty paycheck, as usual, and upon learning that he had met Maudie, the new girl at school, asks if she is good at sports. Ava appears, desperate, looking for Maudie, where she realizes that her money can is gone.

The Case of the Disappearing Deliveries 

The Case of the Missing Solar System 

The Case of the Distressed Dancer 

The Case of the Sleepover Secret 

The Case of the Big Mouth Challenge 

The Case of the Pestering Prank Caller 

The Case of the Spoiled Sports Day

The Case of the Exciting Excursion 

The Case of the Very Lost Notebook 

The Case of the Suspect Sprinkler 

The Case of the Peculiar Pop Quiz  

The Case of the Science Sabotage 

The Case of the Wrecked Rehearsal 

The Case of the Perplexing Painting 

The Case of the Turtle Thief 

The Case of the Misplaced Mug 

The Case of the Sad Little Sister 

The Case of the Disoriented Drone 

The Case of the Baffling Birthday

Season 2

The Case of the Concert Catastrophe

Kyle, along with the rest of 5T, will see the tickets for the January Valentines show, which is in Max's hands, forming a large crowd around her, scaring her. Kyle ends up being completely mixed up in the crowd, not being able to see the tickets. Miss Parides intervenes and orders everyone to get away from Max because she is afraid of crowds. After class, Kyle and Ezra go to Maudie's house, where Maudie shows where she is going to drop off tickets and leaves Kyle and Ezra making peanut butter and salmon sandwiches. When the tickets go away, Maudie calls Kyle and Ezra if they saw the last place Maudie left the tickets, but they deny that because they are making sandwiches.

The Case of the Incridible Fortune Teller

Kyle shocked with Ramona's prediction.

In this episode, Kyle was called by Ezra to go to Ramona's fortune-teller stand during the Coins for a Cure fundraiser. Ramona, while predicting his future, ended up noticing that her tablet was discharged, and because of that, she decided to invent a non-real fact: that his brother was going to become a millionaire, which completely shocks Kyle. He returns and tells his prediction to Ezra and Ava, which makes Ezra more suspicious that Ramona is really a fraud.

The Case of the Unhappy Camper

Kyle hiding in the bush after another one of his pranks at the camp.

In this episode, Kyle goes to Grade 5 Camp with other students in his class. His room group is, besides him, Ezra, James, Archie, Justin and Diet. After disputing with Ezra for the top bed, he begins to consider himself the leader of the group, and begins to invent rules that make him very irritating, among those rules, prohibiting the entry of girls and the lists of duties, where Ava and Maudie refuses and tells them to take what they must do. The next ones are not to be sick, making him very mean to Archie in relation to his fear of sleeping outside, and at the same time, banning books, where he thinks Miss Tan had banned taking books, however, she had allowed. Soon, Kyle is prevented by Ezra, Maudie and Ava from throwing Ezra's books out the window, where he says that making pranks and banter is a camping style. Ava denies this and tells him to apologize to everyone, where he does it, but he is allowed to make pranks, but Ava disagrees saying that activities will prevent this. However, Kyle had plenty of time to make pranks with everyone, including screaming over a log in the forest, making the ketchup fall all over Diet's sausage and scaring everyone with a rubber snake during the tug of war.

Kyle in big trouble with Mr. McGillick, accused of taking his cell phone as one of his pranks.

During dinner, Kyle reveals himself hidden at the teachers' table, without helping anything. He starts preparing for his next prank: making the teachers keep their asses dirty with flour when they get more food, where it appears with the flour pot, which makes everyone confused and at the same time, makes with which Mr McGillick distrusts him. During dinner, Kyle is called by the principal in the kitchen, accused of having put his cell phone in the rice pot as one of his pranks, and ends up being punished by Mr. McGillick, sending him to dinner at the teachers' table and expelling him of the camp show. Maudie, however, notes that Kyle would not do that, as all he wanted was to convey good laughs and scares, not to offend people, and shows what Kyle was doing with the flour pot: he was getting the teachers' chairs dirty that when they sat down, they got their dirty asses, making everyone laugh. Maudie, after a long reasoning, tells Kyle that it was Archie, because Kyle was very mean about his fear of sleeping out. The same then, decides to assume it was him, but it was not necessary, where Archie had told Mr. McGillick everything. Mr McGillick apologized to Kyle for accusing him and recruited him back to the show as the host, but as shown in the case report, he mistook it for a ghost.



Ezra Banks

People don't really know why Kyle and i are friends. I don't really know why Kyle and i are friends, because Kyle is super sporty. And the only time he doesn't have a ball in his hands is when it's on my head.

—Ezra in "The Case of the Curious New Girl"

Kyle apologizing to Ezra after hitting him.

Ezra has known Kyle since childhood, but he admits that he doesn't know why they are friends, just as everyone doesn't know why. This is because Kyle is always a very sporty boy, and Ezra does not like any sporting activity, and this often leads to getting kicked in the head anywhere if he is practising. Kyle always seems to apologize to Ezra if he gets hit. Ezra also demonstrates defending him, especially when Ava accused him of taking all her money in order to be able to pay her for everything she owes. After they met Maudie and founded the inbestigators, whose goal is to answer crimes, Ezra demonstrates denying any silly Kyle theory during any investigation and also considers him a disadvantage to any investigation because he always forgets any fact about the case or even what he need to ask.

Ezra comforting Kyle upset that he missed the race.

"The Case of the Big Mouth Challenge" showed that Ezra and Kyle, despite being friends, love to compete against each other, because they are celebrating their defeat at Ben's Disc Chockey Challenge, and that even led to Ava to question if Ezra is not his best friend. But sometimes, Kyle defends him if he gets into trouble. When Ezra was accused by Mr. McGillick of taking Ava's money canister, Kyle started to defend him and accidentally revealed the can inside Ezra's backpack. In "The Case of the Spoiled Sports Day", Ezra showed comfort to Kyle after he was very upset about having missed the 100 metre dash and demonstrated this by throwing the finish line flag resulting in his banning all of the day, which showed that Ezra acts as a good friend to him.

Ezra and Kyle surprised after the last one to answer correctly a question of the Trimathlon without the cheat sheet.

"The Case of the Freaky Frequency" shows Kyle advancing his intelligence, all according to Ezra, thanks to him who had taught something, but even so, Kyle still shows that he doesn't like technology or science. In "The Case of the Tricky Trimathlon", Kyle and Ezra become partners in the Trimathlon, an online maths competition, where the two showed disagreement for each other because Kyle is not good at maths, unlike Ezra. After Kyle finally noticed that Ezra was very upset that he was just distracted by anything he sees, he then decides to help Ezra win the competition and was so afraid to disappoint Ezra that he practiced a lot with the glue sheet, and when noticed that Ruby accidentally erased the glue sheet, Kyle, so when solving the first question, he got it right without needing the glue sheet for the rest of the match against Ruby and James. In "The Case of the Distracted Detective", Kyle, upon hearing about the Young Small Business Competition, decides to help Ezra rehearse for the day of the presentations. He began to be concerned when he saw that Ezra was getting too distracted and was not paying attention to the rehearsal. On the day of the presentation, Kyle is angry to notice that someone was posting comments on the agency's website saying bad things about Ezra, the main reason he was distracted and very nervous about the competition.

In "The Case of the Unhappy Camper", Kyle begins to act like a very annoying boy to fifth graders, including Ezra, Maudie and Ava, where the first was being very annoyed by him after they arrived in the room, where Kyle he tried to throw Ezra's books away, thinking that Miss Tan had forbidden taking books to camp. Kyle, throughout the camp, started making pranks with everyone, and when Mr. McGillick accused him of putting his cell phone in the rice coffin as a prank, Ezra thought he did it on purpose, but Maudie says Kyle didn't would make a prank like that, which is unrepeatable for people, and when he realized that Kyle had the jar of flour to make the teachers, when they sat on the chairs, keep their bottoms dirty with flour, they saw that he was not the responsible, and yes, Archie, because Kyle was very mean to him about his fear of sleeping out.

Maudie Miller

I should be like you. I'm very observant too.

—Kyle in "The Case of the Disappearing Deliveries"

Maudie and Kyle during the case report in "The Case of the Copy Cat".

Kyle met Maudie when Ezra was sent by Mr. McGillick to introduce her to school, and he was impressed by her cleverness after she found out who took Ava's money, which she had earned after selling 40 cupcakes (except 2, who left it for her and Maudie). Because of this, Kyle, along with Ezra, Ava and Maudie, formed the Inbestigators' investigative agency. During all the investigations, Kyle starts to consider Maudie very incredible, and because of that, he is so impressed that he sometimes decides to copy her, pretending to be an observer and that he can solve a crime just like her without a doubt. Usually, Maudie considers his personality a problem, because he always interrupts and makes silly explanations or gets distracted by things, and forgets what he should ask.

Maudie surprised for Kyle's sport-math knownledgement.

However, Maudie considers his advantage in the group to be his sports knowledge and, at the same time, food, if the case is related to it, and is generally impressed to see that he rarely discovers things related to the case, but despite the same not contributing in relation, it contributes in relation to the description of the sport. As revealed in "The Case of the Miraculous Mini Golfer", Maudie was impressed to see that Kyle has a great knowledge in mathematics after he answered how 20 for 20 works with sports mathematics. "The Case of the Tricky Trimathlon" also showed that Maudie generally feels that Kyle has knowledge that he cannot show due to the fact that anything he sees distracts him at the time, even with Ezra's disagreements, who initially did not accept him as his teammate.

Maudie huging Kyle after he founds her notebook.

In "The Case of the Very Lost Notebook", Maudie was desperate to lose her notebook. Kyle, along with the others, is concerned to see that she began to act strange during class, since without his notebook, Maudie would not think of anything else. Kyle then decides to help her find it, showing it completely focused on the facts of the case, however, he got a little distracted, but that didn't make him give up on the purpose of the case, seeing that Maudie was completely upset. After supposedly thinking that Mrs Parides had taken the notebook, Kyle felt guilty, but after mentioning about the fourth year netball game, Kyle finds the notebook, which impresses everyone, including Maudie, who thanks him and hugs him, where he starts to consider her hug "disgusting". "The Case of the Interrupting Intern" once again showed Kyle's concern, after he forgot about Maudie and thought only of Elijah, who solved the case of the lost bike before Maudie. Kyle began to swear that if she didn't come back, she would resign. After Elijah admits that he tricked everyone into joining the agency, Kyle apologizes to Maudie and the others as well.

Maudie telling the motive for Archie taking Mr. McGillick's phone to Kyle.

In "The Case of the Unhappy Camper", Kyle started pissing off all fifth graders during Grade 5 Camp, including Maudie, where he started trying to get her out of the room together with Ava as one of his rules, and the it prevents him from throwing Ezra's books out the window, and Maudie finally realizes that he was confused about what camping is. Maudie was also one of the victims of Kyle's pranks while preparing dinner. When Mr. McGillick accuses him of putting his cell phone in the rice pot as one of his pranks, Maudie sees that Kyle would never do that kind of prank, because it is not funny, but rather, a disrespectful prank with the director, and that all the other pranks were meant to be fun and scare everyone. Maudie tells who was responsible: Archie, but she doesn't blame him for the fact that he was very offensive to Archie in relation to his fear of sleeping away, making him apologize.

Ava Andrikides

Kyle has a difficult relationship with Ava, as he always loves to get her a cupcake (or whatever else she sells) for free and he forgets to pay for it later. Because of this, Ava found Kyle very annoying, especially for his silly behavior, and this made her accuse him of taking his owl can to pay for everything he owed her, however, Ezra proves his innocence, making Ava apologize. After Maudie solved the crime involving Ava, she, along with Kyle, Ezra and Maudie, formed the inbestigators' investigation agency.

During investigations, Ava began to find Kyle very distracted by the fact that he was always thinking about sports and food and not focusing on the investigation, making her always angry, especially when he made up some silly explanation about the case or accused everyone without any evidence, even so, Ava starts to appreciate Kyle when he rarely shows his cleverness and is very focused on the case, but she is also devalued by him for being distracted by the conversation and forgetting to ask.


Kyle's relationship with Archie is quite turbulent, as shown in "The Case of the Unhappy Camper", because Kyle was very mean to him after they arrived at Grade 5 Camp, in relation to his fear of being sick when he will sleep outside your home. This motivated Archie to take Mr McGillick's cell phone and call his mother, however, he ended up accidentally dropping it and putting it in the rice pot, since he knew that, according to what Mr Barker said during the club learning, rice absorbs water. However, Archie ended up realizing that his actions got in the way of Kyle, who was accused by Mr McGillick of having done this as one of his pranks. Archie decides to assume to the director that it was he who took the cell phone and damaged it by accident. Kyle, seeing that he was also found guilty of the fact that he was mean to Archie in relation to his fear, apologizes, and Archie accepts them.



Kyle's bio image.

  • Kyle is the youngest Inbestigator, as revealed in "The Case of the Baffling Birthday", after Maudie makes 11 years old, but he is the tallest in the group.
  • Kyle is wearing the winter uniform on his first day at Middle Primary School, which meant he probably came during term 2 or 3.
  • He is possibly of African origin, based on his appearance, its possible that he was born in Australia, but this isn't confirmed yet.
  • As mentioned in "The Case of the Extremely Empty Freezer", his favourite soccer player is Louis Prestia.
  • Kyle also shares traits to his actor, Jamil Smyth-Secka, as Jamil also likes sports, like soccer, which was the motive for "The Case of the Soccer Saga" being his favorite episode of the series, as revealed in the webinar.
  • He is the only Inbestigator who's house has never been revealed.
  • He mentions that he has a sister, called Alice, who was never shown in the series, but he officially confirmed that she is older than him in "The Case of the Very Lost Notebook".
  • Kyle is the only Inbestigator that has a more detailed background.
  • Kyle's most recurring quote, in the whole series, is "That makes sense", as a form that he express that he understood the crime.
  • In The Case of the Turtle Thief, Kyle is shown to be arachnophobic as such he screamed when he pulled down the spiderweb from Ryan's backyard gate.