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They just always want it to be really good.

—Justin, The Case of the Missing Solar System

Justin in a recurring character in The InBESTigators. He is portrayed by Bailley McMillian-Power.




Justin delivering his animal habitat diorama along with his parents.

Justin is a year 5 student at Middle Primary School. Months before the events of the show, he started to be known by everyone for delivering very impressive models, making him earn Miss Tan's respect, like that of animal habitat, where he made a whale squirting water, with sound effects and even a water basin. Justin also impressed everyone when he made his Antarctic model with real melting icecaps. However, the truth is that his parents did the jobs for him, and nobody knew about it.

Season 1

The Case of the Missing Solar System

Justin taking Pixie's diorama.

On his first appearance, Justin is taken to school by his grandmother due to his parents being in England, and arrives at 9.25, 10 minutes after Pixie's arrival, and upon entering the room to deliver his diorama, he saw the of others and was desperate to see that his wasn't good enough, so Justin throws his own model in the trash and picks up Pixie's diorama, since she was closer to the door. So he takes it to the art room and realising that the model has one more planet, Justin throws Sagittarius, the ninth planet, out the window of the art room and paints all the other planets for everyone to think it was his and at the same time, take off the earrings to stick to the ear. After that, Justin, during the end of physical education, is seen carrying the diorama by Maudie, where he was actually going to the bathroom to dry the paint from the planets using the hand dryer.

Justin remaking Pixie's diorama with Ava, Amelia and Pixie.

During class, when Pixie realising that someone took her diorama, Maudie interrogates Justin, because he arrived after Pixie, asking if he saw Pixie's diorama. In order to hide his crime, Justin lies saying that he had reached the end of physical education because he was seen carrying the diorama. Kyle ends up finding Justin's real model in the trash, where Pixie denies it is hers. After recess, Miss Tan begins to praise Justin's diorama for the fact that it is well made, however, Maudie and the rest arrive, saying that Justin's model is actually the one found in the trash, but Miss Tan does not believe that Justin took someone else's model. To prove it, Maudie shows Miss Tan the late book and reveals that Justin had arrived before the end of Physical Education, and that, in fact, Justin had gone to the bathroom to dry Pixie's modified diorama. Miss Tan was confused about his other models, where Maudie reveals that his parents had done the work for him and as they are in England, he did not know how to make a model by himself. Miss Tan then talks to Justin's parents about letting him do his own work and Justin, as a punishment, had to redo Pixie's model, with Pixie, Ava and Amelia directing him, where he promises that he'lll never steal someone else's work again.

The Case of the Big Mouth Challenge

Justin, along with other fifth graders, welcomes the new student, Ben, however, he is not happy with the welcome. Justin, at recess, along with the other members of the football team, was impressed to see Ben put Disk Chockey in his mouth without breaking and decided to enter the Disk Chockey challenge. After Kyle missed the challenge, Justin, upon hearing Ezra say that the next day was going to be his turn, got angry and started arguing with other students to see who would be next, so Ben organizes the whole project. Justin, along with other children, fail the challenge.

Season 2

The Case of the Puzzling Pet Day

In this episode, Justin participates from the tests of the Animal Shelter's commercial at school. He brings his pet lizard, called Jurassic, and tells the story of how he got it, where he found it without its tail, and lizards feel threatened when they lose their tail, mainly by Justin's father's car. Soon, he shows where he keeps it after that moment, which is in an aquarium, and when looking, Justin notices that his lizard is missing, where Miss Tan finds him at her foot. The reason for this accident was because Justin forgot to cover the tank.