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The granny flat is a small house located close to Ezra's house, which serves to host Ezra's nanna, Rosemary, and also serves as the office of The Inbestigators' detective agency, and also serves as one of the main settings for The InBESTigators.



  • Kitchen: It is the place where everyone cooks and eats. Maudie sometimes takes the opportunity to make her famous salmon sandwiches with peanut butter, where Ezra finds them disgusting.
  • Office: It is the place where Inbestigators begin their work, interviewing victims of crime, how it happened and where it happened, in addition to always using it to tell everything they know about the case, and organizing meetings or making divisions for investigations.
  • Bathroom: It is the place where people can go to pee or bathe. It is very rare for anyone to enter the bathroom, thus considering an isolated corridor. However, "The Case of the Triple Inbestigation" was the first episode in which the bathroom was seen.
  • Exterior: It is the location outside the granny flat, which consists entirely of grass, plant pots, among other things.


  • For Rosemary: The granny flat is commonly used as a location where Ezra's nana, Rosemary, stays while she is visiting him, as the name says.
  • For Ezra: Ezra uses the granny flat as an "office" for the Inbestigators' investigative agency, where he always meets with Maudie, Ava and Kyle. In addition, it also uses it so that people who are in need of help to solve a crime can go there, and in addition, the granny flat also comes with a map, because the location is difficult to find it.