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"Seriously Maudie? The mad professor is obviously a boy, had you even seen the movie?"
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My name is Ezra Banks and welcome to the first video blog case entry for... actually, I need to go right back to the beginning, because this story starts a long time ago.

—Ezra's first quote in "The Case of the Curious New Girl"

Ezra Banks is one of the main protagonists of The InBESTigators. He is portrayed by Aston Droomer.


The Business Savvy one.

—Ezra's description on his bio image., [1]

Ezra is demonstrated as a gifted, high-potential child, making him interested in technology, mathematics and science, and making him one of the smartest students in his class. Because of this, many consider him with a busy mind, and he always tries to get Mr. McGillick to let him redo the website, even though he refuses over a thousand times. However, upon seeing Maudie for the first time, Ezra was amazed by the cleverness, where he, together with his two friends Ava and Kyle, joined her and formed the inbestigators' investigative agency.

When starting the agency, Ezra was concerned about this because he was a very good person in technical things that sometimes mock his intelligence, even making him disappointed with them. During the investigations, Ezra proves to be a very cautious boy who always looks for evidence before any accusation without having any proof first, where, in cases involving technical things, Ezra proves to be one of the group's strengths in "The Case of the Freaky Frequency", because he undoubtedly explains the definition of frequencies, which makes his friends confused.[CN 1] He also seems to admire Maudie for the fact that she always solves cases, and he always dreamed of resolving a case for the first time, which happened in the same episode after fixing Mrs. Maniaci's bell, which was broken and was sending a false signal that blocked the frequency of car keys. He also disagrees with Maudie's points.

Ezra, due to his interest in technology, shows that he dislikes sports activities, such as netball, football, laser tag, rock climbing, among others, which motivates Ezra not to know why he is Kyle's friend, because he is a super athlete who is always practicing some sport during the break, and always accidentally gives Ezra a hefty summons, and another reason is because he loves that things stay organized the way they are, and always loves to stay clean. "The Case of the Puzzling Pet Day" also demonstrates that Ezra is afraid of dogs and cats, however, he considers himself allergic, as he did not suffer any allergic reaction when touching Amelia and Miranda's greyhounds (which he revealed to be from neighbor).

Ezra also shows enthusiasm for business, technical and scientific events, as he was excited to have a crime to solve at the Woodford Science Fair in "The Case of the Science Sabotage", for signing up for the Trimathlon in " The Case of the Tricky Trimathlon "and" The Case of the Distracted Detective ", because Ezra is very excited about the Young Small Business Competition. However, in the last two, some facts make Ezra upset or disappointed: in "The Case of the Tricky Trimathlon", Kyle refused to focus on helping Ezra study to be prepared for the second round of Trimathlon, until Ezra spoke in a sports language for Kyle to understand and in "The Case of the Distracted Detective", when his friends left him disappointed in relation to the website and also because Harriet had sent bad comments about him on the website, making him distracted and upset.

Ezra, as demonstrated in "The Case of the Very Lost Notebook" and "The Case of the Turtle Thief", loves to produce marketing for the agency, and he exaggerates when it comes to printing cards and posters publicizing the agency. In "The Case of the Vanishing Koalas", it is shown that Ezra loves any business opportunity, justifying why he joined Littermite, even though he doesn't like cleaning things up all the time.

He also sometimes proves to be very rude to people, especially when Maudie lost his notebook, and when Ava says that parents always wash aprons after being used, he ends up insulting everyone by saying that the notebook went to the machine washing, which made Ava angry, even with Ezra apologizing. "The Case of the Sad Little Sister" shows that Ezra started acting rude to his sister, Poppy, thinking that she had made him think she was in real danger, on learning that she had, in fact, lost her hat.

Even so, revealed in "The Case of the Spoiled Sports Day", he proves to be, at heart, a good friend in comforting Kyle, who was upset about losing the 100 Metre Dash, causing him to throw the finish line flag. far away, causing Mrs Parides to ban him from all the events of the day. "The Case of the Sad Little Sister" also showed this personality a lot when seeing that Poppy has been alone since she became friends with Violet, making him upset and even cried. However, Ezra is afraid to admit his true feelings, feeling embarrassed when he demonstrates this in front of his friends, and leading to denying that Poppy lost his hat was a case, forbidding Ava and Maudie to report it. Still, Ava told him secretly, apologising for a letter after they cheated on him by saying that Maudie's father needed help with the computer, thinking it was a very special case to tell.


Ezra's appearance is of Asian ethnicity, due to his tufted black hair and white, but slightly golden skin. Ezra is the third shortest in the group, surpassing only Maudie.


Ezra's school appearance commonly consists of a long light blue polo shirt with the school logo and buttons, dark blue pants or shorts and black shoes with black hearts and dark blue socks. Sometimes Ezra is seen wearing a dark blue jacket with light blue details and the school logo or a dark blue vest with the school logo on top of his jacket. In "The Case of the Exciting Excursion", Ezra wore white sneakers with blue hearts and soles, as a recommendation for the rock climbing excursion. He wears red clothes for the athletics carnival, as he's in the red house.




Ezra is the first and oldest son of Sarah Banks and Daniel Banks. His sister Poppy was born two years later. Later he met Ava and Kyle. It is unknown when he enrolled at Middle Primary School.

Season 1

The Case of the Curious New Girl

In this episode, Ezra starts by asking Mr. McGillick (who he calls Henry) to lend the school card so he can buy website software that costs $75, but he refuses three times, where Ezra tries to convince him to let him redo the school website, but as usual, Mr. McGillick refuses as one of his thousand refusals. Ezra's mother, seeing that her son has a very busy mind, decided to talk to Mr. McGillick to give Ezra a special project that stimulates him, however, he denied several of Ezra's ideas, and Mr. McGillick says that already has a special project for him in mind: taking care of the new student, which shocks Ezra, thinking that it was not a special project good for him.

The Case of the Disappearing Deliveries

The Case of the Missing Solar System

The Case of the Distressed Dancer

The Case of the Sleepover Secret

The Case of the Big Mouth Challenge

The Case of the Pestering Prank Caller

The Case of the Spoiled Sports Day

The Case of the Exciting Excursion

The Case of the Very Lost Notebook

The Case of the Suspect Sprinkler

The Case of the Peculiar Pop Quiz  

The Case of the Science Sabotage

The Case of the Wrecked Rehearsal

The Case of the Perplexing Painting

The Case of the Turtle Thief

The Case of the Misplaced Mug

The Case of the Sad Little Sister

The Case of the Disoriented Drone

The Case of the Baffling Birthday

Season 2

The Case of the Concert Catastrophe

During this episode, Ezra, together with Kyle, went to Maudie's house to help save The January Valentines concert tickets, where she lets them make salmon sandwiches with peanut butter, where Ezra shows that she doesn't like it, because she never changes, so he can't see where she put the tickets, where he revealed it after Maudie called him while she, along with the other girls, were looking for the tickets. Ezra reported the case with Maudie and Kyle, where he started to get angry with Kyle for the fact that he forgot what the crime was about.

The Case of the Soccer Saga

Ezra, during this episode, was going for a walk with his aunt June, while Maudie and Ava helped Kyle record a video of his soccer match against the B team. After arriving from the trip, Ezra decided to tell him about the case report alone and in the meantime, edited Kyle's video. After finishing the story, he shows the final version of the video, where he sees the need to film another match, since Maudie was so distracted by Owen that she couldn't catch Kyle's angles.



Sarah Banks

Sarah is Ezra's mother. In "The Case of the Curious New Girl", Sarah shows she can't stand her son's very busy mind and decides to make Mr McGillick give the boy a special project: taking care of the new student, Maudie Miller, and all this led to Ezra, Maudie, Ava and Kyle become the Inbestigators.

Poppy Banks

Poppy is Ezra's younger sister. Ezra is always irritated when she interrupts him during the agency's case reports, especially at the request of their mother. Despite this, Ezra, as seen in "The Case of the Sad Little Sister", demonstrates, as an older brother, to be worried about her when he starts to characterize that she is in trouble, however, he gets thick with her when he sees that this was not what he was thinking and even accused her of saying that she was in trouble just to make him worried, but, after seeing that she was feeling excluded by her friends, Ezra was upset and even showed his concerning feelings to Poppy, and this also led him to forbid Maudie and Ava from telling the fact that Poppy lost his hat and, at the same time, said it hadn't been an affair.

Already, Ezra is generally rejecting Poppy's requests to join the agency, as seen in "The Case of the Spoiled Sports Day" when she asked if she could be an Inbestigator, however, he declined. This case was also seen in "The Case of the Fishy Fundraiser", when Poppy asked Ezra if she could tell the case, but he refused, however, she understood that he had accepted the request and recorded it accidentally, but on seeing the notes, she turns off the camera. In "The Case of the Triple Inbestigation", it is revealed that Ezra is sometimes suspicious of Poppy's actions, as he thinks she is up to her things at the granny flat, and that even led to her accusing her of having caught Neil, her goldfish, which she calls "Sparkles".


Rosemary trying to have a time with her grandson.

Rosemary is Ezra's nana, where he considers her "spacious", since she stayed in the middle of his personal space and this made the Inbestigators' agency on hiatus because of Rosemary always interrupting emergency meetings of the group, which upsets Ezra. After realizing this, Rosemary assembles a puzzle in the local market and as a reward, they give them fresh donuts and apologize to Ezra for being too spacious. After that, Ezra becomes closer to His nanna.


Maudie Miller

I got why Henry thought Maudie should be my special project. He knew we would get on.

—Ezra in "The Case of the Curious New Girl"

Ezra first met Maudie when he was offered by Mr. McGillick, as a special project, to guide her through school. However, Ezra thought that this was not a special project, until he met Maudie, who, while he was reading his favorite book, she went through the window and solved the riddle, which made Ezra start to be fascinated from there. for the girl's cleverness. After she solves a crime in which she frees Ezra from confusion with the director, he finally realizes why Mr. McGillick asked the boy to take care of her: this is because he knew they were in agreement. This gives Ezra an idea to found the inbestigators' research agency, along with Maudie, Ezra and Kyle.

During the investigations, Ezra felt insecure when working together with a girl as smart as Maudie, where he always disagrees with the flaws she has in her behaviour, such as her sincerity, which she shows all the time and ends up accidentally insulting people. people, where it states that she is trying to correct her defect. Ezra generally disagrees with Maudie's statements during some case, but after she explains why, Ezra finally comes to agree with her. "The Case of the Pestering Prank Caller" showed that Ezra finds Maudie frustrating because she refused his request to let him buy Franklin Cube, which could be useful in crimes like Ezra and other neighbours who were victims of prank calls. But as the crime progresses with clues discovered by Maudie, Ezra begins to value Maudie's cleverness without needing any technology.

Ava Andrikides

Ava is what my mum calls a glass half full person, and what I call a class flooding the kitchen person.

—Ezra in "The Case of the Curious New Girl"

Kyle Klimson

People don't really know why Kyle and I are friends. I don't really know why Kyle and I are friends, because Kyle is super sporty. And the only time he doesn't have a ball in his hands is when it's on my head.

—Ezra in "The Case of the Curious New Girl"

Kyle apologizing to Ezra after hitting him.

Ezra has known Kyle since childhood, but he admits that he doesn't know why they are friends, just as everyone doesn't know why. This is because Kyle is always a very sporty boy, and Ezra does not like any sporting activity, and this often leads to getting kicked in the head anywhere if he is practising. Kyle always seems to apologize to Ezra if he gets hit. Ezra also demonstrates defending him, especially when Ava accused him of taking all her money in order to be able to pay her for everything she owes. After they met Maudie and founded the inbestigators, whose goal is to answer crimes, Ezra demonstrates denying any silly Kyle theory during any investigation and also considers him a disadvantage to any investigation because he always forgets any fact about the case or even what he need to ask.

Ezra comforting Kyle upset that he missed the race.

"The Case of the Big Mouth Challenge" showed that Ezra and Kyle, despite being friends, love to compete against each other, because they are celebrating their defeat at Ben's Disc Chockey Challenge, and that even led to Ava to question if Ezra is not his best friend. But sometimes, Kyle defends him if he gets into trouble. When Ezra was accused by Mr. McGillick of taking Ava's money canister, Kyle started to defend him and accidentally revealed the can inside Ezra's backpack. In "The Case of the Spoiled Sports Day", Ezra showed comfort to Kyle after he was very upset about having missed the 100 metre dash and demonstrated this by throwing the finish line flag resulting in his banning all of the day, which showed that Ezra acts as a good friend to him.

Ezra and Kyle surprised after the last one to answer correctly a question of the Trimathlon without the cheat sheet.

"The Case of the Freaky Frequency" shows Kyle advancing his intelligence, all according to Ezra, thanks to him who had taught something, but even so, Kyle still shows that he doesn't like technology or science. In "The Case of the Tricky Trimathlon", Kyle and Ezra become partners in the Trimathlon, an online maths competition, where the two showed disagreement for each other because Kyle is not good at maths, unlike Ezra. After Kyle finally noticed that Ezra was very upset that he was just distracted by anything he sees, he then decides to help Ezra win the competition and was so afraid to disappoint Ezra that he practiced a lot with the glue sheet, and when noticed that Ruby accidentally erased the glue sheet, Kyle, so when solving the first question, he got it right without needing the glue sheet for the rest of the match against Ruby and James. In "The Case of the Distracted Detective", Kyle, upon hearing about the Young Small Business Competition, decides to help Ezra rehearse for the day of the presentations. He began to be concerned when he saw that Ezra was getting too distracted and was not paying attention to the rehearsal. On the day of the presentation, Kyle is angry to notice that someone was posting comments on the agency's website saying bad things about Ezra, the main reason he was distracted and very nervous about the competition.

In "The Case of the Unhappy Camper", Kyle begins to act like a very annoying boy to fifth graders, including Ezra, Maudie and Ava, where the first was being very annoyed by him after they arrived in the room, where Kyle he tried to throw Ezra's books away, thinking that Miss Tan had forbidden taking books to camp. Kyle, throughout the camp, started making pranks with everyone, and when Mr. McGillick accused him of putting his cell phone in the rice coffin as a prank, Ezra thought he did it on purpose, but Maudie says Kyle didn't would make a prank like that, which is unrepeatable for people, and when he realized that Kyle had the jar of flour to make the teachers, when they sat on the chairs, keep their bottoms dirty with flour, they saw that he was not the responsible, and yes, Archie, because Kyle was very mean to him about his fear of sleeping out.


Mr. McGillick

Luckily, Henry and I are tight.

—Ezra in "The Case of the Curious New Girl"

Ezra considers Mr. McGillick to be his friend and always calls him "Henry", because they always talk to each other, but he does not like it, always saying that he is Mr. McGillick and not by his real name. Ezra always tries to convince him to let him redo the school website, but he always refuses. Due to Ezra's interest in technology, Mr. McGillick finds him irritating and because of that, he decided to give him a special project: looking after the new student, Maudie Miller. During that episode, Mr McGillick, knowing that Ava's owl can had been stolen, he thought Ezra had taken the money to buy the website software for $75 that he had ordered. However, Maudie resolved and proved Ezra's innocence, where Mr. McGillick considered Maudie to be Ezra's new alternative to his interests and the agency's knowledge, Mr. McGillick approved the project.

Tom Franklin

Mrs Maniaci

Harriet Jacobi

Harriet is one of the participants in the Young Small Business Competition, where she saw Ezra, was threatened by his intelligence, so she decided to post comments on the agency's website saying bad things about him. However, Ezra went to the competition, which left Harriet surprised by the boy's arrival, and she was very kind, but Ezra didn't know that she was sending the comments on the website, until Maudie found out, and the same he started to be surprised to see that Harriet considered him too smart for her to win.



Ezra's bio image.

  • He is the only Inbestigator without an alliterated name.  
  • Ezra is the oldest Inbestigator, but appears to be shorter than both Ava and Kyle and taller than Maudie, which mades him to be insecure of her because of her smartness.  
  • Ezra is fascinated by technology, such as the Franklin Cube, which he persuades Maudie to buy, only for being refused.
  • His appearance suggests he is of Asian origin.
  • Judging by his accent, it is possible that he was born in Australia, but this wasn't confirmed.
  • So far, nothing is known about Ezra's childhood, other than the birth of his sister Poppy. It's unknown when he met Ava or Kyle, probably since he was in prep/kindy at 5 or 6 years old.
  • His full name has a similarity to Ezra Banks, a baby born in 1879 and died in the same year.
  • His first name also makes a similarity to Ezra Justin, guest star from the series which portrayed Ryan McCulloch in the episode "The Case of the Turtle Thief".
  • According to fans, it is the possibility that Ezra has love feelings for Maudie, but this was never shown on the series.
  • During an interview, Ezra's actor, Aston Droomer, appointed, as an advice for kids:

My advice is to keep working hard and never give up. You must be persistent. You are going to have days that you think that you are not good enough but you have to keep believing in yourself that you are good enough and that everyone is good enough to do what ever that want. Everyone can achieve if they believe.

Aston Droomer, [2]
  • His family is most revealed in the series because it is mentioned by himself, including his aunt and uncle, June and Keith, his father Daniel, his mother Sarah, and his nana Rosemary.
  • Ezra is the character which reports most of the episode events in the series, but he has some motives to he not appearing in some episodes:


  1. Ezra: "The car keys aren't working because something is blocking the frequency." - "The Case of the Freaky Frequency"