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"Seriously Maudie? The mad professor is obviously a boy, had you even seen the movie?"
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I just want to be part of the Inbestigators.

—Elijah's final line before getting expelled from the agency in "The Case of the Interrupting Intern".

Elijah is a minor character in The InBESTigators. He is portrayed by Owen Wahrenberger.

To enter the Inbestigators, Elijah stole Amelia's bike and hid it in Dana's Garden for everyone to think she was responsible, and when approved, Maudie gets angry when everyone hears him except her, and manages to solve the case, and because of that, Elijah is expelled from the agency. 


Elijah, during his appearance in the investigations, proved to be very analytical and generally, very excited by the fact that he is a fan of the Inbestigators, and always dreamed of working with them, and so, that got his leadership and cleverness approved by Ezra, Ava and Kyle, who decided to make him the fifth inbestigator, but that made them so obsessed with him that they ended up forgetting about Maudie, because they only heard him and nothing about her.

But in fact, after Maudie found out that it was him, Elijah showed himself to be a boy determined to join the agency, being manipulative, very arrogant and selfish, paying attention only to his goals, because he invented crime for that, to be able to enter the investigative agency and tricked Ezra, Ava and Kyle in the process. But it didn't last long as Maudie prevailed the justice by explaining what the real case (of how Elijah was a conman) was, which led to him getting banned from the agency. Elijah, on leaving, proved to be very angry and possibly got very angry after his failure.


Elijah has light brown hair with white skin, dark eyes and thin frame glasses in a grey rectangular shape.



Elijah lives in Ezra's neighbourhood, where then, seeing the Inbestigators' investigative agency, he became a huge fan and because of that, he was determined in one day to join the agency.

Season 2

The Case of the Interrupting Intern

Elijah stealing Amelia's bike.

In his first appearance, Elijah, aiming to become an inbestigator, decides to set up a crime to pass, where he steals Amelia's bike and begins to form bicycle wheel marks on the grass and hides in the neighbour's garden, Dana, to make everyone think she was responsible for stealing the bike. After that, Elijah enters the Inbestigators' office for the first time, where he says he wants to join the agency as an intern, however, the four refuse, where he says he can do anything. Upon hearing this, Ezra talks about whether he can help them find his father's receipt, where Elijah accepts. Soon, Amelia realizes that her bike was stolen and goes to the office, desperate. So, Elijah offers to go and see them solve a case, and Amelia, desperate, says that everyone could go, what matters is finding her bike, so Elijah, along with the others, go with Amelia to find her bike.

Elijah is approved as a new Inbestigator.

When they start looking for clues, Elijah can already find evidence, which are the wheel marks of Amelia's bike that he himself had formed, where Maudie thought it was too fast. Everyone follows the tags that lead straight to Dana's house, where Elijah finds Amelia's bike in the bush, and then, Elijah then decides to talk to the owner of the house, however, Maudie doesn't want them to accuse the person who lives on the spot without any proof, however, Elijah arrives at the gate, and when he does the interview, sending an apology to Amelia (but it wasn't about the bike, but about something else to prevent suspicion), and she does that, saying she never else will do that. Everyone is impressed, except Maudie, who begins to suspect Elijah, and when she tries to approach them, nobody listens to her, only Elijah, and seeing how Elijah was useful in the investigation, promotes him as an official member of the inbestigators, which it makes Maudie angrier, and Elijah takes two dollars out of his pocket, saying that Amelia had paid for it and invites everyone to have a new flavour of ice cream, and everyone accepts, except Maudie, who wants to stay to investigate further.

Elijah leaves after being expelled from the agency.

The next day, Elijah starts his first day at the Inbestigators' investigative agency, and when they receive Maudie's letter saying she is resigning from the agency, Elijah considers this strange since there will still be 4, which leaves Ezra shocked, since she always resolves all cases, however, Elijah disagrees with this statement saying that she did not resolve the previous one, which makes Ezra think she may be upset that she did not resolve the case. When they go after Maudie, she reveals that, in addition to explaining that she felt replaced by Elijah, she also reveals that he had deceived everyone, which leaves him confused. Maudie explains that she interviewed Dana while she was away, and she denied that Elijah said that she took Amelia's bike. Because of that, everyone gets very angry, seeing that he had to explain a lot, including that the money he used to buy ice cream was actually from himself, not from Amelia. Elijah gets angry about it, saying that he only did it to get into the agency, but Ezra, angry, tells him to leave, and he does it, completely angry.



Ezra Banks

Ezra and Elijah's relationship proved to be good after the latter managed to solve a crime very quickly and because of that, Ezra let him be a new member of the Inbestigators, but he started to hear only what he said and simply ignored Maudie's opinions, who was suspicious of how Elijah managed to resolve the case so quickly. However, after he finally realized that he, Ava and Kyle had been tricked by Elijah, whose mystery was solved by Maudie, Ezra was very shocked and felt stupid for it, making him very angry and at the same time, resulted in the expulsion of Elijah from the agency.

Ava Andrikides

Oh, my goodness, Elijah, you shoudn't just be an intern, you should work for the inbestigators full time.

Ava to Elijah in "The Case of the Interrupting Intern".

During the boy's first appearance, Ava began to be impressed after he helped them solve a crime (which he himself had committed), which was when her friend, Amelia, witnessed the theft of her bike. After that, Ava became so obsessed with Elijah along with Ezra and Kyle, making them approve of him as an inbestigator, and at the same time, she started to hear only what he said and didn't notice that Maudie was suspicious of it, and at the same time, very angry to see that her friends ignored her.

But, Ava did not notice that Elijah had committed the crime to enter the agency and she, after discovering this, was reminded of Maudie and very angry with him. After the same was expelled, Ava finally decided to apologize to Maudie after realizing that Elijah had deceived everyone, considering her the main source of heart and soul for the agency, and asked her to vote, where she accepted.

Kyle Klimson

Kyle, along with Ava and Ezra, were impressed with Elijah after he managed to find Amelia's bike, long before Maudie. This made him listen only to Elijah's opinions and gobbled up Maudie, who was suspicious of how the new agency member resolved the case very quickly. After she finally found out that he had cheated both Kyle and Ava and Ezra, Kyle was shocked and felt very stupid to see that he excluded Maudie from the agency, which resulted in Elijah being expelled from the agency.

Maudie Miller



  • Elijah's obsession with entering the Inbestigators' agency makes him become similar to the persistent Syndrome, the main antagonist of the film The Incredibles, for several reasons:
    • Syndrome, when he was young, he wanted to become a partner of Mr. Incredible, but he refused, making him want to take revenge on all the superheroes in the world.