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A Disc Chockey is a fictional dessert in The InBESTigators.


A Disc Chockey is a dessert comprising of 2 chocolate discs held together by sticky marshmallow. It is the same thing as a wagon wheel, just named otherwise. Larger Disc Chockeys than the ones sold in the shops in Australia are available in America.


Season 1

The Case of the Big Mouth Challenge

In this episode, Ben, the new student, brings a disc chockey for lunch, and during the break during his first day of school, while talking to Maudie and Ezra, Ben reveals a Disk Chockey, where Ezra is surprised, and then Ben says everything about him, causing Ezra to develop a relationship with him, and soon, Ben then divides him into two halves, where Ezra says that you can share, however, Ben puts half of the disc chockey in his mouth, the which makes Maudie angry, and Ezra impressed, especially when Ben pulls him out without breaking. This also impresses the other kids, and everyone sees Ben putting the disc chockey in his mouth and pulling it out without breaking several times, which makes everyone bored, and when everyone decides to go back to what they were doing, Ben holds a disc chockey competition, where Kyle is the first to enter the competition, however, he cannot put the disc chockey in his mouth, and at the same time, all the other participants did not succeed as Ben did.



  • The Disc Chockey's name is a play on the words Disc Jockey (DJ) and Chocolate, because it's shaped like a disc and it's made of chocolate.