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Ben is a minor character of The InBESTigators. He is portrayed by Luka Pajic.

Ben is a boy who attended Middle Primary School, then lived overseas, in countries such as Denmark, Colombia, the US and Indonesia. He moved back to Australia and was put in year 5 instead of 6 by his parents, who wanted him to get on board. He attended several schools and showed difficulty making friends, He started to become the most popular boy after everyone saw him putting a Disc Chockey in his mouth, and soon after, he set up the Disc Chockey Challenge, where Maudie, watching the competition, realized that he was wearing the Disc Chockeys from America for the challenge, all because he wanted friends.


Ben is shown to be a lonely, pessimistic and sad boy, and at the same time, shy about trying to interact with the other kids around him, and at the same time, he was confused about how to make friends, where he adopted the Disc Chockey Challenge as way of gaining attention, without realizing that he was being selfish with his classmates, and at the same time, he was boring and irritating during the competition because everyone was not able to put Disc Chockey in his mouth without breaking.

Soon after Maudie discovers his true intentions, where he finally assumes his loneliness and everyone begins to understand. Even though the competition was extinguished because Miss Tan found out, Ben started to not care much about it and felt comfortable after Ava put together a list for everyone to talk to him on different days, where he finally understood what it is to make friends.



Season 1

The Case of the Big Mouth Challenge



  • Ben is the first guest character who is a student in Class 5T, and did not appear in later episodes.
  • His name, Ben, is the short name for Benjamin, which could be his full forename.