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"Be Your Guy" is a song which was first used in "The Case of the Distressed Dancer", by Zac's dance group.


If you'd let me be your guy, oh baby,
I'd make sure you never regret it.
Let your hair down don't be shy, my baby,
I want you so bad don't you forget it.
What would I do if I was so lucky,
I got to hold your hand.
Girl, I'd have to find the way to show it.
We'd walk on the beach,
Dip our toes in the sea.
Yeah I'd take you to the movies
With popcorns on me.
I'd hold you close to my eyes
So you're all I can see
Woah oh oh, if you'd let me be your guy.
We book down the arcade
Baby I'd let you win.


Season 1

The Case of the Distressed Dancer

It was used as Zac and his group's main musci to their presentation at the Dance Dreams Dance School concert.