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Archie is a recurring character in The InBESTigators. He is portrayed by Jack Goodsell.




Archie, at some point in his childhood, met Kyle and together with other boys, started to train football during recess. Also, at one point, Archie went to a slumber party at Kyle's house and ended up having to leave because he was sick. Because of this, Archie developed a fear of being sick when sleeping outside his home.

Season 1

The Case of the Big Mouth Challenge

Archie, along with other fifth graders, was impressed to see Ben put Disk Chockey in his mouth. So, he decided to participate in the Disk Chockey Challenge, however, Archie, like other children, missed the challenge and started to get bored with the challenge, since no one cheered for anyone.

The Case of the Exciting Excursion

Archie, in this episode, signed the authorization to go on the fifth year tour, however, everything is interrupted when the authorizations disappear. Archie, along with the other children, went to the living room to help Miss Tan find her before 9:15 am. Archie is sent to search with Mario, and then he comes along with Mario, saying that he had found the permits, where Archie explains that someone left it in the copy machine by mistake. Archie then went on a tour, and according to Kyle, everyone, including Archie, beat Ezra.



Kyle Klimson

Kyle's relationship with Archie is quite turbulent, as shown in "The Case of the Unhappy Camper", because Kyle was very mean to him after they arrived at Grade 5 Camp, in relation to his fear of being sick when he will sleep outside your home. This motivated Archie to take Mr McGillick's cell phone and call his mother, however, he ended up accidentally dropping it and putting it in the rice pot, since he knew that, according to what Mr Barker said during the club learning, rice absorbs water. However, Archie ended up realizing that his actions got in the way of Kyle, who was accused by Mr McGillick of having done this as one of his pranks. Archie decides to assume to the director that it was he who took the cell phone and damaged it by accident. Kyle, seeing that he was also found guilty of the fact that he was mean to Archie in relation to his fear, apologizes, and Archie accepts them.