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Amelia Fitzgerald is an recurring character of The InBESTigators. She is portrayed by Hannah Johnston.


Amelia, in her first appearance, showed a rude and arrogant personality, because she was antagonistic with Pixie in concluding that she did not do her solar system diorama, despite Ava's defences, which even led to her being accused by Pixie of having taken her model.

"The Case of the Sleepover Secret" had explore more of Amelia's personality as she feels left out for the other girls because they were forgetting her. Then, after seeing Ava and Pixie texting into each other, she thank that was talking about her, which lead her to broke into Pixie's cell phone and discovered her secret and spoke on in front of Pixie, causing her to lose confidence in Ava, and after seeing what she had done, she was feared to tell the truth with Pixie, and she don't known that everything she told to Pixie was secret.

Sometimes, she doesn't do things intentionally. "The Case of the Suspect Sprinkler" shows that she also do accidental things and she accidentally tampered with Ms. Maniaci's sprinkler timer when she was picking strawberries for Ava's chocolate fondue, which caused the entire garden to flood, which proves that Amelia isn't a bad person and as revealed in "The Case of the Fishy Fundraiser", she demonstrated to be very enthusiastic, which was very good to win costumers, but that was smashed when Toby mounted a lemonade stall, which started to be more popular than hers, leading her to act very odd and jealous, trying to end with Toby's popularity, and she became mean after Toby's lemonade stall was sabotaged, which made her being accused for the crime.


Amelia has long orange hair that she normally wears with a ponytail. Usually, she leaves it loose. Amelia has white skin and freckles around her face.




Season 1

The Case of the Missing Solar System

Amelia concluding that Pixie didn't do the solar system diorama.

Amelia first appears in "The Case of the Missing Solar System". While playing softball in Physical Education, she encounters Sagittarius, one of the planets in Pixie's diorama. During class, when Pixie says her solar system diorama is missing, both Miss Tan and Amelia accuse Pixie of not making the diorama, because she always forgets, and Amelia asks Miss Tan to give Pixie detention, so she refuses, saying that she is being very rude to her. Soon, after noticing that no one saw Pixie's model, there is only left to interrogate Justin, who had arrived late at school, well after Pixie arrived, but the same, so that no one finds out what he had done, saying that he had a dentist and that he didn't see the model, causing Amelia to conclude that Pixie didn't. Soon, Pixie, while being questioned, explains that she used nine planets instead of eight, where she also reveals that she wore the earrings that stick to her ear that Amelia had given her for her birthday, however, she never did, which makes Amelia angry.

Pixie accusing Amelia of taking her diorama.

During the break, Kyle hands Pixie Sagittarius, the ninth planet of her model, and soon Ava reveals that it was Amelia who found the ball, which causes Pixie to accuse Amelia of taking her model, all because she wanted it Pixie got in trouble with the teacher. Maudie, however, says that Amelia was in Physical Education with the other students and then, Amelia shows, at Pixie's request, that she had found the ball near the art room window, saying that even though Pixie was not pyjama party at her house, it wouldn't be a reason for her to get the model. After that, Pixie and Amelia are reconciled and hug, leaving the boys disgusted. Soon, Maudie sees that someone threw the ball out of the art room window. So, Amelia, together with The InBESTigators and Pixie, follows Maudie to the art room and there are the earrings that stick to the ear that Amelia gave and also that the person painted the planets, except Sagittarius, who had thrown out the window, everything in order to pretend that the model was his, seeing that this person owned the model that was found in the trash because she didn't think it was good. Soon, they go to the fifth year class, concluding that the culprit is Justin, who then reveals that the other models he had made were the parents who had made them. As a punishment, Justin had to redo the Pixie model, with Amelia, Ava and Pixie assisting him, where he promises he will never steal again.

The Case of the Sleepover Secret

Amelia, along with Caitlin, Esther, Ruby, Max and Pixie, goes to Ava's sleepover party in order to celebrate their team, Dolphins' victory at the netball finale. However, Amelia was the only one that was not having fun at the party, as everyone voted for the mermaid movie and shoot group selfies without her, which made her feeling left out. Amelia then came to kitchen while Pixie was telling Ava about her parents' divorce, and the two, seeing that it would be rude sending text at front of her, they turned off the phones. Amelia asks what they were doing, and they answer "Nothing". This made her thinking they were texting about her. Then, after Ava, Pixie and Esther left the kitchen to see their fish braids, Amelia stayed at the kitchen and saw four bright spots at Pixie's phone, which was lipgloss stains because she typed her password with luscious fingers.

Amelia couldn't resist in breaking into Pixie's phone and after several combinations of numbers, she succeeded and then, seeing what Ava and Pixie were talking about, they were discussing the divorce of Pixie's parents. The same arrives, and Amelia, shaken, says she is sorry for the divorce of her parents, which makes her think that Ava told her secret to Amelia, However, Amelia didn't know it was a secret and at school, she saw that Pixie he started to ignore Ava because she thought she told her secret.

The Case of the Suspect Sprinkler

The Case of the Baffling Birthday

Amelia is invited to Maudie's birthday party, where, when Ava shows the real party, Amelia, along with other fifth graders, surprises her, and everyone starts hugging Maudie.

Season 2

The Case of the Puzzling Pet Day

The Case of the Tricky Trimathlon

Amelia, along with Ezra, Kyle, Diet, Ruby and James, signs up for the Trimathlon. During the division meeting of the teams that will compete in the first phase of the event, that is, dispute between three pairs of a school, Miss Tan decides that Amelia will stay with Diet. In the first round, they answer all questions without making any mistakes. In the last question, Kyle and Ezra answer quickly before them, causing Amelia and Diet to be eliminated from the competition.

The Case of the Fishy Fundraiser




Pixie is one of Amelia's friends. During their first appearance, she began to be antagonistic with Pixie because she always forgot to do her homework and because of that, she concluded that Pixie had not made the model of the solar system and even asked Miss. Tan to put her in detention, however, Pixie started to think that it was she who had taken her model to make her get in trouble because she had forgotten to go to her pajama party and also for not having used her earrings to stick on.[CN 1] on the ear she had given for her birthday, but Amelia did not know that she had used it on the model, which led Maudie to conclude that she is innocent. Amelia, after showing where she found Sagittarius, hugged Pixie as an apology for trying to get her punished.

"The Case of the Sleepover Secret" showed Amelia feeling left out at the pajama party at Ava's house because everyone did things without her, like voting for the mermaid movie they were going to watch and taking a picture of the group. Soon, Amelia started to think that Pixie was texting Ava about her after she went to the kitchen, so when she was left with only two cell phones, Amelia decided to break into Pixie's cell phone and found out that her parents were divorcing. , and when she told Pixie, she started to think that Ava had told Amelia her secret, making her not to contact her. Amelia was feeling bad at school after realizing that it was all a secret between the two, and was afraid to tell the truth.

Ava Andrikides


As revealed in "The Case of the Fishy Fundraiser", Toby is Amelia's neighbor, besides he is also her roommate, and she was very kind to him in asking him to buy a cupcake, but she started to get shocked to see that Toby was going to set up a lemonade stand. She felt envious to see that Toby's lemonade stand was becoming more and more popular than hers and tried to get rid of him all day, and when his tent was sabotaged, Amelia took advantage of it to win more customers and felt satisfied with that, which made her suspicious of the sabotage. However, even though it wasn't her fault, Ava made her apologize to Toby for being mean and he accepted them, and then the two gathered the money raised by the two tents.



  • She is one of the only side characters with a known surname, which was revealed in "The Case of the Fishy Fundraiser".[1]
  • Amelia's average appearances in each season is 4 episodes.
  • Amelia is the second character in the series to be suspected of two crimes: one for taking Pixie's model and another for sabotaging Toby's lemonade stand.
  • Amelia is the first culprit to commit three crimes in the series, one for breaking into Pixie's cell phone and discovering her secret, and the other for accidentally flooding Mrs. Maniaci's garden.
  • It is revealed in The Case of the Puzzling Pet Day that she has a pet greyhound called Loopy.


  1. Amelia: "Of Course she didn't do it, Miss Tan. Pixie never does her work!" - "The Case of the Missing Solar System"